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Johnny Harris made his first appearance on 18 June 1987. He is portrayed by Michael O'Hagan.


Johnny is a criminal associate of Den Watts, who shows up in Albert Square occasionally to liaise with Den about various scams they are involved with. He is first seen in June 1987 when he meets Den to tell him to report someone else for drug dealing. In February 1988 when he cons Darren Roberts, who Den formed a conflict with over his criminal activities, by selling him fake pornographic videos.

In June 1988, Johnny reveals to Den that his latest scam has been uncovered by the police and it is likely that he will serve time in prison. Johnny is sent to Dickens Hill Prison on remand, where he meets up with Den in September 1988, after he is imprisoned for the arson of The Dagmar wine bar.

Johnny had been promoted to "number 1" of the prison wing (head prisoner), meaning he is in charge of issuing supplies to the other inmates and given a cell on his own. Johnny is also on the payroll of The Firm, and he is instructed to keep a close eye on Den in order to stop him stepping out of line. When The Firm suspect Den of being a "grass", they instruct Johnny to organise a beating for him as a reminder to keep quiet. Johnny does so with the help of Queenie Price. Although Johnny orders Den's beating, he takes no pleasure in seeing his former friend hurt.

In December 1988, when The Firm decide that Den is not the "grass" after all, Johnny tries to make peace with him. Before Johnny leaves Dickens Hill to attend his trial, he arranges for Den to take over his position of "number 1". Johnny also informs Den that he suspects Queenie of being the police informant, which Den later proves.

In June 1991, Sharon Watts meets with Johnny to find out what he knows about the Mitchell brothers and their dodgy business interests. He informs her that they provide criminal services for major villains in the London area, such as souped-up getaway cars for bank robberies, money laundering and much more. He tells Sharon the Mitchell brothers are downright diabolical and she should keep her distance from them.

List of appearances[]


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