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John Valecue made his first appearance on 26 September 1996. He is portrayed by Steve Weston.


John is a professional hitman, hired by Cindy Beale to kill her husband Ian. He shoots Ian on 7 October 1996, but fails to kill him, leaving him wounded in hospital. Ian fails to identify his assailant. Later that year, Phil and Grant Mitchell successfully identify and track down John as the person responsible for the shooting, but they can't prove he was involved.

In 1998, it's revealed that John is now serving a life sentence for murder in Wandsworth Prison when he stabbed a man after a fight they'd had in a pub. Annie Palmer and Ros Thorne visit him in prison when they are trying to help Ian get custody of his stepson Steven and children Peter and Lucy Beale. Annie threatens to use her contacts inside the prison to harm John, unless he implicates Cindy in the attempted murder of Ian. He does so and Cindy is arrested and charged for attempted murder.

Kill count[]

Murders/manslaughter victims[]

  1. Unknown person (sometime between 1996 to 1998) - Stabbed a man to death after they'd had a fight in a pub. He was arrested and charged to life imprisonment in Wandsworth Prison.

Note: Despite only having one known victim John was a hitman who was trained and paid to kill and had many more murder victims prior to his first on screen appearance.

Attempted murder victims[]

  1. Ian Beale (7 October 1996) (on the orders of Cindy Beale) - Shot Ian, but failed to kill him.

List of appearances[]


  1. 26 September 1996
  2. 30 September 1996
  3. 3 October 1996
  4. 15 October 1996
  5. 28 October 1996


  1. 10 April 1998

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