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John Fisher made his first appearance on 28 January 1986. He is portrayed by Dave Dale.


John is a drag queen who is hired by publican Angie Watts in January 1986 to perform for the premier drag night at The Queen Victoria public house. Following the publicity over Angie's drink driving case, she and her husband, Den, worry that the brewery who owns the pub might find cause to cancel their tenancy, and 'free entertainment' is seen as a way to bolster the evening trade.

The first drag night is a success until Pete Beale starts heckling the performer. John mistakes Pete's intent, thinking he wants to join in with the act. John playfully takes Pete's pint on-stage and Pete leaps after it, causing a tussle to ensue. Seconds later, Den finds himself on the floor breaking up the pair. The surprise arrival of Den's mistress, Jan Hammond, prompts Den to close the pub early, so the act is halted prematurely.

Sharon Watts is quite impressed with the drag artiste and thinks him to be a caring and sensitive person. When he mentions that his other job is delivering 'kiss-o-grams', she hatches a plan for starting her own business. John performs several more drag evenings in The Vic. His last appearance is on 27 February 1986.

List of appearances[]

  1. Episode 99 (28 January 1986)
  2. Episode 100 (30 January 1986)
  3. Episode 101 (4 February 1986)
  4. Episode 102 (6 February 1986)
  5. Episode 104 (13 February 1986)
  6. Episode 106 (20 February 1986)
  7. Episode 107 (25 February 1986)
  8. Episode 108 (27 February 1986)

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