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Jimmy Coogan was a villain who upset the Mitchell brothers when they got involved in a dodgy car scam where Phil Mitchell forged plates and VIN numbers on scrap cars where matching ones had been stolen so that the leader of the scam has good documents for them. Jimmy, being the leader's partner requested the cars but Phil had not been paid, and this lead to uproar where Jimmy began terrorising Kathy Beale, Phil's girlfriend. In the end, Phil found out a secret that could put Jimmy away for twenty years, meaning that Jimmy's backed off and he left the Mitchell's alone forever.

Jimmy was the guy who wanted the dodgy Merc that Phil had forged the VIN for but did not pay Phil. Phil wanted his money. In late April 1994, Jimmy kept pestering Phil saying his partner Lee wanted the cars now. Phil refused to let the cars go until he got paid. Jimmy began stalking Phil and even had someone phone him saying he wanted his broken down car seen to and gave a false address. Phil spent a few hours trying to track down this address until Jimmy said it was him who was behind the call. After being aggravated, even more, Phil punched Jimmy. Jimmy promised that Phil would regret that.

A day or two later, Jimmy then began terrorising Phil's house and also Kathy Beale. Jimmy started to harass Kathy and then had two of his mates throw a brick through the window of Bridge Street Café and well as a bin full of rubbish strewn across Phil's front doorway. Phil and Grant lured Jimmy into a trap and Jimmy, and his mates were arrested for car theft. However Jimmy was released on bail. In the end Phil found out from somewhere about an old enemy of his up in Scotland who had a score to settle with Jimmy, a Mr Slater, a former security guard. Jimmy had done a job with him and then beat him up, crippling him and running off with the money. Mr Slater wanted to find Jimmy and have him sent down for 20 years. Phil and told Jimmy that they had contacted Mr Slater. In The Queen Vic Phil handed the phone to Jimmy with Mr Slater on the other end. Jimmy did not pick up the receiver but knew his past was coming back to haunt him. Shortly after in the main bar Phil and Grant told Jimmy to empty his pockets. A wad of notes was in one pocket. Phil said that he would pay for the Merc. Phil then told Jimmy never to show his face round Walford again. Jimmy, knowing he had been defeated, left The Vic quietly and was never seen again.

List of appearances[]

  1. 21 April 1994
  2. 26 April 1994
  3. 28 April 1994
  4. 3 May 1994
  5. 5 May 1994
  6. 10 May 1994
  7. 12 May 1994
  8. 16 May 1994
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