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Jimmie Broome made his first appearance on 17 May 2011 He is portrayed by Samuel James.


He is a solicitor hired by Phil Mitchell.


Jimmie first appears to represent Jane Beale in her divorce hearing with Ian Beale.

Later in the year, he is hired again to help Phil's cousin Roxy Mitchell regain custody of her daughter Amy Mitchell from the father, Jack Branning . He suggests that Roxy dig up as much dirt on Jack and his family as she can. Roxy does this, deciding to use Jack's brother Derek Branning's criminal past against Jack, as Derek is staying with him, but this fails and a court grants custody to Jack.

Phil then sacks Jimmie, though his relative Billy Mitchell asks Jimmie for advice on his pregnant granddaughter, Lola Pearce, whose baby could be taken into care once it is born. Jimmie advises Billy to apply for a Special Guardianship Order, which would grant him legal responsibility for the child.

He returns at Amy's custody case, after which Roxy gains custody of her.

Phil rehires Jimmie and Jimmie speaks to Phil about gaining custody of Lola's baby Lexi Pearce, as she has been taken into care and is actually Phil's granddaughter. Jimmie says that Phil would have a better chance of gaining custody if he is in a stable relationship. Jimmie later tells Phil that his son Ben's murder charge has been dropped and he will be tried for manslaughter, and that Ben has agreed to a visit from Phil. When Jimmie advises Phil that he needs to find a way to prove to the court that he has a good support network for Lexi, Phil secretly orders Jimmie to put Sharon's name down on the application as his fiancée. Jimmie helps Phil to become Lexi's foster father, while Lola is allowed three access visits a week.

In 2017, Jack hires Jimmie when Charlie Cotton, father of Matthew Mitchell-Cotton, who is the son of Jack's dead wife Ronnie Mitchell, wants residence of Matthew.

List of appearances[]


  1. 17 May 2011
  2. 28 November 2011
  3. 29 November 2011


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  4. 26 October 2012
  5. 13 December 2012


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