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Jean Elaine Slater (née Hale, previously Walters) is the ex-wife of Brian Slater and Ollie Walters, mother of Sean and Stacey and grandmother of Lily, Arthur and Hope. She suffers from bipolar disorder, having Stacey inherit it.


Jean recounts (10 July 2023) she had a old boyfriend called Neil Borthwick before Brian and he went on to make a fortune in the fungal foot industry.

Jean met and married Brian Slater and had two kids, Sean and Stacey. However, their happiness was short lived as Sean would punch Brian resulting in his death, and Sean later leaving. After this, Jean destroyed all the photos she had of Sean. After this, Stacey became her primary carer until she moved to Walford in November 2004, but she later came back for Jean. Stacey recalls that she used to call herself Jangly Jean in a bipolar episode as she wore bracelets all up her arm.


Jean suffers with bipolar disorder and her condition steadily deteriorates. Despite her daughter Stacey Slater's help, Jean attempts suicide and is sectioned.

Over the following years, she attempts to rebuild her relationship with Stacey and her son Sean Slater, following his return from the army. She makes progress with Stacey, but Sean continues to reject her. Jean moves in with the Slater family in Walford and meets Ted Hubbard at a singles' night. They date; however, Ted ends it because he cannot handle Jean's personality. Jean takes the rejection badly, has a breakdown and is admitted to a psychiatric ward for several months.

When Stacey begins showing symptoms of bipolar, Jean intervenes and Stacey is sectioned. During her stay in hospital, Stacey grows close to another patient, Becca Swanson; upon Stacey's release, Becca returns to live with her. Becca vies for Stacey's attention. She grows jealous of Stacey's husband Bradley Branning and Jean. Following Bradley's death and the birth of Stacey's baby daughter Lily, Becca successfully attempts to exclude Jean from Stacey's life. It is not until the true extent of Becca's involvement in Bradley's death is revealed (Becca had called the police and implicated him for Archie Mitchell's murder and Bradley died in the subsequent police chase) that Stacey finally sees sense and begins to trust Jean again.

While at R&R nightclub, Jean is saved by Billy Mitchell from a man who pesters her. Jean invites Billy back to her house and they have sex, but Billy hurts her feelings the next day when she hears him making insulting comments about her. Despite being upset, she accepts Billy's apology, dismissing it as just a one-night stand.

Following Stacey's confession that it was she, not Bradley, who murdered Archie a year before, Jean begins to doubt Stacey is fit to care for Lily. Her fears worsen when Janine Butcher stabs herself and makes it look like Stacey is responsible. Jean phones the police asking them to detain Stacey. Fearing prison, Stacey attempts to flee and is eventually helped to escape by Jean once Stacey reveals her motive behind Archie's murder — he had raped her. Stacey takes Lily and leaves. Jean is heartbroken by her departure; she grows depressed and Kat Moon finds her in the bath fully clothed attempting to drown herself. Realising that she is not coping, Jean admits herself into a psychiatric hospital.

Kat visits Jean three months later and Jean reveals she is better and can leave. Kat invites her to stay with her, which she does. She works for Kat and her husband Alfie Moon as barmaid and cook at The Queen Victoria public house. She develops crushes on Alfie's distant cousin Eddie Moon and Janine's uncle Norman Simmonds, but her interest is not returned by either.

Jean is thrilled when she wins £8000 on a lottery scratchcard. She makes an incorrect assumption that a man named Carter is attracted to her, but he is later revealed to be a benefit fraud officer who declares Jean has been illegally claiming benefits whilst working at the pub. Kat's grandmother Mo Harris later admits that she has been claiming benefits in Jean's name. Jean begrudgingly agrees to take the blame as Mo has a previous conviction, but the stress causes another mental breakdown; she obsesses over Shenice Quinn, a young girl who the Moons care for, believing she is an angel. Instead of having her readmitted to hospital, Kat vows to care for Jean at home, and Jean eventually improves.

As Alfie has hired Ray Dixon as a professional chef, Jean is fired from the pub kitchen, but is given the job of events manager. Jean is conned out of her lottery winnings by Michael Moon, who tells her he will invest the money for her. He persuades her to "invest" Alfie's money, which Jean has been given to pay bills with and she also invests money saved for The Queen Vic's VAT bill. Barmaid Roxy Mitchell discovers the money missing, so a worried Jean asks Michael to return it, but he denies any knowledge of her investment. Jean tells Michael's fiancée, Janine, that he has taken her money, but Michael claims Jean is obsessed, thinking he is her son, Sean, therefore making Janine's unborn baby her grandchild.

Roxy believes Jean, but Michael convinces her that Jean is also obsessed with Roxy's young daughter Amy Mitchell, and plants Amy's belongings in Jean's bedroom to prove it. Nobody believes Jean, and she becomes desperate to clear her name. Eventually, Roxy warns her to stop making allegations. Realising that she cannot cope with Jean alone, Roxy calls Alfie. Alfie returns with Kat, and Kat believes Jean, vowing to help prove Michael took the money. The truth eventually emerges when Kat tells Michael that Jean threatened to kill herself if she is sectioned over him, leading to Michael admitting to Kat that he took the money. When all these events cause Janine to go into premature labour on her wedding day to Michael, Jean has a sudden change of heart and strongly advises Michael to support Janine after he decides to flee. Kat then tells Michael that he must repay the money to Jean, which he does.

Jean forms an unlikely friendship with Shirley Carter and supports Ian Beale following his nervous breakdown. When he recovers and decides to open up a new restaurant he appoints Jean as his sous-chef. However the stress of holding down two jobs, coupled with Ian's constant bullying, results in Jean quitting, especially when she falsely accuses Ian of sexually harassing her. Drowning her sorrows with Shirley and Bianca Butcher, Jean realises that she has left her handbag at the restaurant and they break in at night to retrieve it. Shirley and Bianca continue to get drunk and a fire soon breaks out; the sprinkler system puts it out but floods the restaurant. The women escape unseen, but Jean struggles with her guilt. She confesses to Kat, who convinces her to keep quiet but when Jean volunteers to help clean up the restaurant with Ian she confesses to him. Ian threatens to call the police, but he later decides against it.

Jean takes up an allotment, where she meets Ollie Walters. Ollie asks Jean on a date but she is reluctant upon finding out he is a retired police officer, but Kat and Alfie convince her to go. She confesses about her recent crimes to Ollie on their second date, but he tells her it does not matter as she was not charged so she can forget about it. Their date goes well and afterwards Jean invites Ollie to spend the night with her. Eventually, Jean tells Ollie about her bipolar disorder, despite worrying that he would reject her. He researches the illness but Jean realises that he does not really want to be with someone who has a mental illness, so they break up.

She tries to reunite with him later but discovers he is retiring to Brighton. She attends his retirement party but leaves before he sees her. Ollie comes to visit Jean asking if she would move to Brighton with him, but Kat tells Jean not to go as she is needed in Walford. However Kat later regrets this and tells Jean she should go. Jean then leaves Walford with Ollie to start a new life in Brighton after saying an emotional farewell to Kat and Alfie.

When Stacey returns to Walford, she confesses to killing Archie, which leads to her being imprisoned with a five-year sentence, and Lily is left in Jean and Ollie's care. A few months later, Jean arrives at Kat and Alfie's home with Lily. She visits Stacey in prison, urging her to appeal her sentence, but Stacey refuses. Jean struggles to cope with looking after Lily, and when she overhears Alfie and Kat talking about her, she attempts suicide. Stacey is allowed to visit Jean in hospital, where Stacey realises how much her family need her, especially as Jean wants to stay in a psychiatric hospital. Jean eventually convinces Stacey to appeal her sentence and then returns to a psychiatric hospital in Brighton.

Jean returns to Walford and surprises Stacey and Lily by revealing that she and Ollie are getting married. She runs away after spotting a key that Stacey is wearing, who reveals Sean gave it to her, and that it is connected with her deceased husband, Brian. Stacey, Shirley, Lily and Stacey's new boyfriend Martin Fowler all travel from Walford to Brighton to attend the wedding. She and Ollie then marry with their friends and family around them. Jean is furious when she returns home and finds Stacey looking through her belongings, trying to find out what the key is for. She accuses Stacey of being unwell, but then snatches the key from Stacey and appears to flush it down the toilet. Stacey leaves in anger, taking Martin, Lily and Shirley with her. It is then revealed that Jean still has the key.

Jean later visits Stacey and steals an unopened letter after recognising the handwriting, and when Jean and Ollie visit again, Stacey tells Jean she is being followed. Ollie reveals someone visited Jean and when Stacey asks Jean who he is, Jean takes the key from her bag, saying it was Stacey's father's. Jean tells Stacey is it for Brian's safety deposit box, Stacey finds it is empty, so Jean tells Stacey that her father, Brian, had another family, and Stacey realises the man following her must her half brother.

In January 2016, Jean and Ollie return to Walford to meet Stacey's newborn son Arthur Fowler. Stacey allows Jean to hold him, but when Jean hands him to Martin, Stacey snatches him out of Martin's hands and flees, claiming that she is seeing the devil. Jean berates Martin for not handling Stacey's bipolar properly and wants to call for professional help, but Martin convinces her to let him find Stacey and convince her himself. Eventually, Martin finds Stacey and convinces her that a hospital is the safest place for her and Arthur, so Jean and Ollie decide to stay in a hotel nearby just in case Stacey needs them. Jean later visits Stacey at the hospital and later contacts Martin and informs him that she has returned to Brighton.

In April 2017, Jean arrives to visit her family and meets Martin's sister, Michelle Fowler. Martin tells her about Michelle's affair with her student, Preston Cooper, who was also in a relationship with his daughter, Bex Fowler. Later that year, Stacey leaves Walford with her children to stay with Jean, after admitting to cheating on Martin with Max Branning.

Mo returns to Walford and the news Kat has died spreads. Whilst arranging her funeral and fundraising for it, Jean arrives when a concerned Martin contacts her and she tells Stacey that Kat has not died as she spoke to her earlier in the day, but Jean has no calls from Kat and Stacey puts it down to her not taking her bipolar medication. Kat returns to the house after Jean sees her and she is annoyed with Mo, but is forced to hide when Ian visits with the raised money. Annie Pritchard, the daughter of Terry, who is the man that Mo conned money out of, arrives to get the money back, but the family fool her into believing Mo has died. Annie finds out that the family have not suffered a bereavement and one of her henchmen turns up on the doorstep and tells Mo that Annie wants £5,000 by Friday. Jean pays off the debt using her life savings, and the family decide to stay in Walford until Jean is repaid.

When the family are offered money for the sale of Charlie's old cab, Jean is given the deciding vote but chooses not to sell it so Kat wonders why Jean is avoiding returning home. Jean admits that Ollie has hurt her. Kat invites Ollie to Walford but he denies hitting her. Jean says that Ollie kissed a woman, Elsie, which is why she left, but she still loves Ollie and wants to go home with him, however, Ollie accidentally calls her by Elsie's name so she realises he has been having an affair. Ollie leaves and Jean decides to stay after returning her wedding ring. She later applies for a divorce. Jean then helps her niece, Hayley Slater, during her pregnancy and soon finds out that Alfie is the father, then prevents Hayley from committing suicide.

Jean grows close to Ian Beale when they attend the same choir, and eventually they kiss when Jean is drunk. At Christmas, Jean thinks Ian has bought her an engagement ring and she says "I do" but he has given her earrings that belonged to his ex-wife. The truth about the paternity of Hayley's baby, Cherry Slater, is revealed and eventually, Hayley is hospitalised for mental health issues so the Slaters, including Jean, all care for Cherry. Ian and Jean meet for lunch but she leaves when he says she is probably menopausal. Jean later says that whatever they had is not working, so he says it is fine as she is not her type so she throws wine on him.

Later, Jean feels bloated and wonders if Ian was right about the menopause. Jean sees a doctor who wants to refer her for further tests so Jean says she is making it sound like cancer, then realises that is what the doctor is actually thinking. Jean then calls Ian a selfish man after he tries to apologise for how he treated her. Stacey worries about Jean's behaviour so makes her go back to the doctor but Jean sneaks out. Kat finds a letter from the hospital so Jean makes Kat promise not to tell anyone, however, Kat tells Stacey and makes an appointment at a private clinic. After overhearing Kat and Stacey discuss cancer, Jean leaves Walford, staying in a caravan in Wales under the pseudonym "Petronella Mills". Stacey eventually finds Jean and with the help of Lily, eventually convinces her to come home.

Upon her return to Walford, Jean wants Stacey to help her contact Sean. Though Stacey claims she does not know Sean's contact details or whereabouts, Kat finds out that Stacey had contacted Sean weeks earlier and told him about Jean's cancer. Stacey claims that Sean acted strangely and talked morbidly about Jean dying during the phone call. After much hesitation, Stacey gives Sean's number to Jean, who leaves a voicemail message. Several days later, Sean and Jean reunite at The Queen Vic where he takes Jean to her chemotherapy appointment. After Sean scares Jean by asking morbid questions, Stacey takes him aside and rebukes him for his actions, wishing he would be a normal person. Though Sean admits he cares about their family, Stacey tells him he is a damaged person and should leave Walford for Jean's sake.

When Jean is adamant that she will not let him walk out on her again, Sean suggests that they run away together. They take a trip to the countryside, where he helps her shave her head bald. While they are out on a walk, Jean injures her leg when falling on a sharp metal wire. Jean hides her injury from Sean but he later finds out, calls for an ambulance and tries to stop her from bleeding. When Jean tells Sean that she thinks she is going to die, Sean confesses that he killed his father, Brian. As he goes into detail about his crime she begins to drift out of consciousness. When Sean leaves the room, a dazed Jean asks for Sean and tells him that she loves him. Sean retreats to the barn, intending to commit suicide by shooting himself.

Recovering from the injury, Jean tells Stacey what Sean did and they both find him at the barn. Jean reassures Sean that he is not a bad person for his actions, and that Brian had been living a double life with another family the entire time. Sean agrees to let go of the gun and collapses in tears as Jean comforts him. After spending the weekend at the Slater house and quickly becoming overwhelmed, he asks to be left alone for time to gather his thoughts. Jean finds a nearby flat for Sean to live in, but when she comes home to tell him, she finds him having packed his bags to leave Walford. He reveals he has booked an appointment at a mental health facility to get the help he needs. He says an emotional goodbye to Jean and gives her a ringtone for when he will call her.

While at a doctor's appointment, Jean and Stacey see Daniel Cook being difficult with the nurses. He later approaches Jean and attempts to initiate a conversation, but accidentally makes an offensive comment which causes Jean to throw a glass of water over him. Stacey later confronts him about making Jean angry. Daniel continues to be seen each time Jean makes a visit to the hospital and they start to grow close.

In September 2019, Daniel reveals that his cancer has returned and is now terminal, and Jean promises to care for him. As her feelings for Daniel begin to blossom, and she gets excited about introducing him to Stacey, Jean receives a call from Daniel's neighbour saying that Daniel has died, having been discovered at his home. Jean attends his memorial alongside Kush Kazemi, but it is revealed that Daniel faked his own death because he felt that he was getting too emotionally involved with Jean and did not want to put her through the pain of watching him die slowly.

Two months later, while Jean watches videos of Daniel and gets emotional, Kush visits the hospital to give some magazines on Jean's behalf and bumps into Daniel. He persuades him to come back to Walford and tell Jean the truth but he refuses.

On Christmas Day, after the Panesars almost evict the Slaters from their home while demanding back rent, Daniel re-introduces himself to Jean, who is furious at him for faking his death until her family tells her that someone paid the back rent in full, making her realise that Daniel paid the rent for her. She asks him for an explanation as to why he faked his death; he admits that it is because he was falling in love with her and knowing she was falling for him as well, he did not want her to go through the pain of saying goodbye to him on his deathbed. Touched, she kisses him passionately and assures him she will help him live out the rest of his time as fulfilling as possible. As his condition worsens, Daniel promises her that he will hold on to his life until he knows Jean is free of cancer. When she learns that the cancer has gone, she initially lies, saying the consultant mixed up her results and she has to wait a few days, but Mo then reveals the truth about the outcome. As the pair sit on a bench together, Daniel sends Jean to get hot chocolates; when she returns, Daniel has died.

In December 2020 Jean discovers a lump in her breast and assumes that her cancer has returned. In a video recording, she announces that she does not want any further treatment.

In September 2021 it was revealed at the hospital that Jean was cancer free all along, and the lump in her breast turned out to be benign which was found out back in January, and the symptoms she was experiencing was brought on by stress.

In October 2021, when Stacey is released from prison for her false assault allegations, Jean is unsettled by the arrival of Eve Unwin, and gets Seam to help get rid of her, however she eventually comes round to Eve.

In January 2022, Jean becomes closer with Harvey Monroe, and in February the two enter a relaonship. When Jean rents a bouncy castle to help cheer up the children of Albert square. She begins to jump on it herself and knocks her grandson, Arthur, down, resulting in him injuring himself. After this, when Stacey is cooking but gets distracted, Arthur comes into the kitchen and tells Jean he's hungry, and Jean offers to take him to the chippy. After purchasing chips, Jean takes Arthur to the low level platforms of Walford East, and reveals it is where his daddy Kush was killed by Gray. When a non-stop train comes through, Arthur is at the edge of the platform, but is called away by Stacey and Martin when they find out Arthur had gone missing and Billy Mitchell tells them he saw Arthur and Jean going into the station. After this, Stacey bans Jean from being alone with her kids, and in an act of defiance against her, Jean moves out and joins Harvey, his daughter Dana Monroe and roommate Tom Cotton at 5D Albert Square. When Harvey goes to the police station to sign a statement against his son Aaron Monroe, Jean follows him and when Harvey drinks some vodka in his car, him and Jean quickly switch seats as a police officer approaches, however the officer simply wanted to let Harvey know his back light wasn't working. When Harvey's son, Aaron, is stabbed in prison, Jean seems unbothered by the incident, resulting in the two growing distant. Because of this, Jean attempts to go on a trip with Harvey, however he declined. Jean still goes out clubbing by herself however, where she meets Bungalow, who is getting married. The next day, Jean steals Linda Carter's scarf after Martin takes him to Sharon's house to check up on her. She later sees Bungalow having his party at the vic, and when his wife throws the flowers, Jean catches them and gets the idea to propose to Harvey. When Jean gets home, she proposes to Harvey, which he declines, however after a talk with Rocky, he accepts and uses rose petals to spell out the words "marry me?" But only has enough for "Mar Me" but Jean still accepts. When shopping for a wedding ring, Jean swaps her ring for a fancier one while Martine isn't looking, and when passing the shop later with Shirley, Martine recognises her and detains her, however Jean fakes a panic attack and Martine let's her go. Jean quickly spends Harvey's money on her wedding dress and cake, and when Stacey finally reached her limit of trying to get her help, she calls an ambulance for Jean after she spills hot water on herself, saying she poured it over herself on purpose. After this, Jean reports Stacey for harassment. After this, Harvey calls off the wedding and Jean moves back in with the slaters on the day before her wedding. On her wedding Day, Jean puts her dress on and travels to Southend, alarming her family. Stacey and Martin pursue her, whilst Lily attempts to shoplift on the high street due to her anxiety over her nan. Jean buys herself a burger, and struggles to remember the name of her groom, telling the seller it's Brian, then Ollie, then Danial. Jean spills the ketchup on her dress, and in the hall of mirrors she believes her reflection is another woman getting married and attempts to clean her dress, and gets frustrated when she can't. When she hears Stacey's voice in the hall of mirrors, she wants to accept her help, but when Stacey says that Harvey is there, Jean declines her help as she believes she is marrying Daniel. Jean flees to the beach, and looks across the sea, telling Daniel she's coming, but when Stacey arrives, she attempts to help Jean again, but Jean says she needs to go as Daniel is waiting and walks further into sea. Jean trips on a walk and falls into the water, but is saved by Stacey. She lets out a scream and begins crying and cuddles Stacey. After this Jean is finally sectioned.

On a holiday to Golden Fields Caravan Park, Martin challenges Kheerat Panesar to a swing ball tournament to see if they eat in the club. Lily tells Kheerat that he needs to hit it before Martin can hit it twice again to try and make Kheerat lose. Martin then asks Lily to hold his drink so the two can play properly, and Martin wins, meaning they'll be having dinner in the club, much to the kids excitement. Kheerat challenges Martin to a best out of three, but Stacey tells him they're going for a walk. When Martin, Kheerat and Stacey are at the club, Lily watches her siblings. However, the adults find Lily's grandmother, Jean, working there. Jean runs off from the three, and Martin goes to get the kids from the arcade while Stacey and Kheerat look for Jean. They then find her just behind the club, she tells the two her shift finishes at eight PM and that she's staying in caravan sixty. Kheerat then listens to a voicemail from his mum, Suki, and says he has to go as he thinks something has happened. Martin and Stacey both go to caravan sixty, and Jean is overwhelmed by the two of them, so Martin leaves to take the kids to the arcade again. Jean says she went to the caravan park as the Wendy's were making a fuss of her and that she shouldn't be on her own, but then Big Mo comes outside saying Jean isn't on her own, and tells Stacey to come inside. Mo then tells Stacey that she's split up with Fat Elvis, and Stacey tells Jean the kids miss her.

The next day, Lily exits the caravan and sees Jean walking past. Martin asks Lily if she's okay, and Lily asks Martin if Jean is okay. Martin says he doesn't think she's ill anymore but he can't be sure which is why Stacey is trying to talk to her. Lily asks Martin if they'll be bringing Jean home, but Martin tells her he's unsure as Jean is hiding from the people she's upset. Lily says she doesn't want her to hide away, and that if she gets bipolar one day she doesn't want to hide away either. Martin says that Jean would appreciate hearing that. Lily then follows Stacey to Jean's caravan, but Stacey asks her to give them a minute. Lily says she's not a child, and Stacey says she knows that she's not but Martin is and asks her to go make sure everything's okay. Lily ignores her and asks Jean why she's hiding away like this, telling Jean she's told at school to be open about mental health issues. Stacey says she's got a point but Lily says that for her whole life Stacey never mentioned bipolar and that she had to find out from Shirley she might have it. Lily then says that even if she does have it, she doesn't look forward to hiding away in a caravan before storming off. Jean tells Stacey that Lily gets her temper from Stacey, and Stacey says she gets it from Jean. The two then share a cup of tea and Stacey says that Lily is right. Jean tells Stacey it's not embarrassment, but shame that's stopping her from going home to Walford. Jean then laughs, saying she was about to ask Stacey if she saw Daniel out in the water at Southend and the two both begin laughing, with Jean saying that when you're in a bipolar manic phase everything feels so real and that she felt so high and lifted. Jean admits to Stacey she hated her for spoiling it, but she knew she was right. Jean apologies to Stacey and Stacey says it's okay. When Stacey takes Jean's hand, she compliments her nails and Jean says they were a present from the Wendy's. Jean asks how Harvey is, but Stacey says she hasn't really seen him. Jean then admits she can't come, and she doesn't know how she can look everyone in the eye again. Jean later visits Lily, Stacey and Martin at their caravan, and Stacey asks if Mo actually washes her clothes. Stacey then tells Jean they're leaving soon, upsetting her. Martin then tells her that him and Lily were talking and if Lily did get bipolar and did something embarrassing, what Jean would tell her to do, and Martin says she thinks she knows what Jean would say. Lily then takes Jean's hand. Lily and Jean share a goodbye hug, and Stacey tells Martin she's going to stay at the caravan park with Jean until she's ready to return to Walford.

Jean returns to Walford on 29 August 2022, to a party with her family, Shirley and Kheerat. When Jean returns home, Lily is happy to see her. She tries to get Jean to go the party at the Vic later, but Stacey reminds her she's still grounded. When Jean prepares to go to the Vic for the party, she sees Harvey and goes back inside and suffers an anxiety attack. Arthur is scared of Jean at first, but the two make up when painting her room.

Character development[]

2018 return[]

On the 20th December 2017, it was announced that Jean, portrayed by Gillian Wright (Calendar Girls, Sir Gadabout, the Worst Knight in the Land) would be returning to EastEnders, along with fellow Slater ladies Kat and Mo, after moving to Brighton and making multiple visits to Walford over the past few years. No details have been released on upcoming storylines. Gillian said of her return: "‘I am delighted the Slater women are to be reunited once more. I have always adored working alongside Lacey, Jessie and Laila and I am looking forward to being reacquainted with everyone at EastEnders again!", whilst EastEnders executive consultant said "The Slaters are one of the all-time great families in EastEnders and Albert Square has never quite felt the same since they scattered to different ends of the country, and in some cases beyond." In February 2019, Jean was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, but it later told she doesn't have it anymore. Sadly for Jean, her boyfriend Daniel passes away. A sofa bed is then given to the Slaters. Mo tells Jean it can't stay in front of the door and Jean agrees.

Employment history[]

Occupation Years Active
Bartender/Event Manager/Cleaner at The Queen Victoria 2012-2013, 2018 to present
Clean Slater 2018 to present
Employee at Stacey's Baps 2022


Address Years
23 Albert Square 2007-2011
The Queen Victoria 2011-2013
31 Albert Square 2018-2021, 2022 to present
55 Victoria Road 2021-2022, 2022
5D Albert Square 2022, 2023
Caravan 60 2022

Background information[]

  • In 2022 Gillian Wright and Lacey Turner won best on-screen partnership at The British Soap Awards for their portayals of mother and daughter, Jean Slater and Stacey Slater.
  • The song that can be heard in the background of Jean's suicide attempt in Southend on 28th April 2022 is "The First Picture of You" by The Lotus Eaters.


Jean's catchphrase:"Sausage Surprise!"

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