Jane Williams made her first appearance on 26 November 2001, she was portrayed by Ann Mitchell. She was the former employee and mistress of Roy Evans.


Jane is first seen when Roy appears at her house to confront her about him being named as the father of her son Nathan Williams, who had arrived in Walford several days earlier and told Roy this. Jane assures Roy that he is and gives him a gold pen. As it emerges that Jane is dying from ovarian cancer, Roy begins spending more and more time with her, arousing the suspicions of Roy's other son Barry and his wife Pat. Eventually, Roy is forced to confess to his family that Nathan is his son, much to the upset of Barry, as Roy had been having sex with Jane on the night Barry's mother and Roy's first wife Doreen had died. On 11 January, Jane peacefully dies of her progressing cancer on the same day Roy's grandson, Jack is born.

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