Jane Hollowood was one of the prominent writers in EastEnders in the 1980s having been responsible for 49 scripts between February 1985 and August 1989. Also in 1989 alongside Charlie Humphreys and Tony McHale she took on the role of storylining the programme following the departure of Co-creators Julia Smith and Tony Holland and Mike Gibbon who was appointed executive producer following their departure turned to the most experienced writers and asked them to take on the role of the producing the storylines for the show. In her early years, before taking on such a huge part and being an average writer, she was responsible for hard-hitting storylines such as the fatal cot death of baby Hassan, the showdown between Den, Angie and Jan and the Christmas and New Years episodes in 1987.

Upon becoming a storyliner, Hollowood remained in that position until August 1989. But she has had over a dozen more work on other TV dramas such as Angels, Grange Hill, The District Nurse (a show created by the creators of EastEnders), Eldorado (another show also created by the creators of EastEnders) and The Bill.

While juggling her career as a television writer, Jane has also had a knack of turning up on our screen as an actress, and she has appeared in some of the UK's high profile television shows such as Emmerdale, Coronation Street and Brookside.

Episodes written by Jane Hollowod

1985 (12 episodes)

1986 (9 episodes)

1987 (13 episodes)

1988 (9 episodes)

1989 (6 episodes)

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