Jamie "JJ" Johnson, played by Zayden Kareem, made his first appearance on the episode dated the 11 February 2016. He is the son of Jordan Johnson.


He is the son of Jordan Johnson and Amelle Ellington. Jordan's stepmother, Denise Fox, tracks Jordan down at the squat he is living in following a visit from the police, and Jordan says that Amelle is dead from a drug overdose. Denise brings Jordan and JJ to Albert Square. Denise's surrogate father Patrick Trueman struggles to bond with JJ, and Claudette Hubbard realises that Patrick is deliberately distancing himself from JJ because Patrick dislikes Jordan. Claudette convinces Patrick that JJ and Jordan are his family, so Patrick enjoys his time with JJ, and eventually, they are able to stay.

When Jordan is arrested by the police over Lucas Johnson's plan to escape from prison, Patrick questions JJ's future and Denise insists she will take care of him. Denise is horrified with and against Patrick's suggestion of giving JJ up to social services, but Patrick calls them without Denise's knowledge. Denise is told by social worker Hilary Taylor that JJ's mother, Amelle, is alive. Amelle visits Denise and JJ, but he refuses to come out from under the table. Denise learns JJ is called Jamie and she talks to him, he says Jordan told him that Amelle left because she found him "hard work" and he is only hiding because he is scared of putting Amelle off him. Denise persuades him to see his mother, and when Hilary talks about increased contact, Denise decides JJ should live with Amelle

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