{{Character |Sons = Mr Branning |Grandsons= Jim Branning |Great-grandsons = Max Branning
Jack Branning
Derek Branning
Gordon Branning |Great-granddaughters = Carol Jackson
April Branning
Suzy Branning |Other relatives = Bianca Butcher
Robbie Jackson
Sonia Jackson
Billie Jackson
Joey Branning
Alice Branning
Bradley Branning
Lauren Branning
Abi Branning
Oscar Branning
Penny Branning
Amy Mitchell
Ricky Mitchell
[[James Branning]
Natasha Butcher
Liam Butcher
Tiffany Butcher
Morgan Butcher
Whitney Dean
Rebecca Fowler
Sami Jackson
Louie Beale }} James William Branning was an unseen character in EastEnders. He was the grandfather of Jim Branning. James W Branning was mentioned by his great granddaughter Carol Jackson in 2010. He was born in London in December 1876. He joined the Royal Surrey Regiment in about 1895. He married in January 1897 but died in action in South Africa the same year. His wife gave birth to their son in late 1897.

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