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Jacques Butcher is the son of Diane Butcher, grandson of Frank and June Butcher, as well as being the nephew of Clare, Ricky and Janine Butcher. He was born in France and made his first appearance on 16 June 1994 portrayed by an unknown actor. The character returned in 1997 for a few months and was portrayed by Jake Snell.


1993-1997: Birth, staying with Ricky Butcher and Bianca Butcher and departure[]

Jacques was born in France to Diane Butcher and an unknown man. Diane leaves Jacques with her brother Ricky Butcher and his pregnant wife Bianca Butcher when she follows her boyfriend's band on their tour. Jacques' bad behaviour makes Bianca doubt that she wants children and she almost has an abortion. Jacques later went to live with Diane's sister Clare Butcher in Manchester but then moved back in with his mother.

2008: Refusing to attend Frank Butcher's funeral[]

In April 2008, Diane claims that Jacques has refused to attend the funeral of his grandfather, Frank Butcher.

List of appearances[]

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