Jack Woodman made his first appearance on 12 November 1992. He is portrayed by James Gilbey. He was at college with Michelle Fowler and ended up stalking her.


In late 1992 Michelle and Jack become friends at college and she even ends up sleeping with him and regretting it. At Christmas 1992, he turns up at her house wanting to continue their relationship but she refuses. He then begins stalking her. She carries on refusing his advances. He secretly takes photos of her and even smashes his head against a brick wall so he can pretend he was mugged, hoping to get sympathy from her. In March 1993, Jack is the prime suspect when Michelle's daughter Vicki Fowler goes missing. The police find his room at the student accommodation is full of photos of Michelle. But the real culprit, Audrey Whittingham is caught. Jack is angry at Michelle for her telling the police he has been harassing her.

In April 1993, Jack starts stalking Michelle again so Michelle talks to Sharon about Jack and Sharon suggests that Phil Mitchell help her. Phil had told Jack to leave The Queen Victoria once when he was being rude to his sister in law Sharon. Michelle tricked Jack by arranging a date with him, saying she had come to her senses. Jack was chuffed so came round that night but as he sat in the lounge Phil and 3 blokes arrived. Michelle then told Jack he makes her sick and if he carries on stalking her, these 4 men will make sure Jack's absence is permanent, hinting that they may have him killed if he does not leave her alone. Jack mouths off at Phil so Phil and his 3 mates rough Jack up and throw him out, telling him to keep away from Michelle from now on. Outside in the street, Jack tells Shelley Lewis that he will see Michelle again when it is less crowded, meaning he still does not get the message.

Michelle discovers that Jack is still after her, so she then contacts his parents who say that he has a history of stalking women. Jack finally decides to leave Michelle alone and his parents take him home with them. Jack never shows his face in Walford again.




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