Dot Cotton, Ethel Skinner and Pauline Fowler on day out (8 September 1987)

Dot, Ethel and Pauline enjoying a boat ride in the Isle of Dogs along the River Thames

The Isle of Dogs, locally referred to as the island, is a geographic area made up of Millwall, Cubitt Town, Canary Wharf and parts of Blackwall, Limehouse and Poplar. It is in the East End of London and is bounded on three sides (east, south and west) by one of the largest meanders in the River Thames. The northern boundary has never been clearly or consistently defined, but many accept it to be the (former) line of the West India South Dock. The name Isle of Dogs had no official status until 1987, with the creation of the Isle of Dogs Neighbourhood by Tower Hamlets London Borough Council.

In September 1987, the ladies' darts team from the Vic, travelled to the Isle of Dogs for a match against another team. Ahead of the game they spent the afternoon further south in Greenwich, and after a picnic split up to explore the area. Some of them enjoyed a boat ride along the Thames, Pauline Fowler found friendship in Derek Taylor a man who had repaired and then followed their mini-bus when it broke down en route, and most importantly Pat Wicks encountered a blast from the past when she was reunited with old flame Frank Butcher. In the evening the ladies all make their way to the Isle of Dogs for the darts match at an unnamed pub.

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