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Iqra Ahmed is the sister of Habiba Ahmed and the ex-girlfriend of Ash Kaur.


Iqra is the sister of Habiba, granddaughter of Arshad and Mariam and the niece of Masood Ahmed. She made her first appearance on 19 February 2019.

Iqra arrived in Albert Square along with her sister, Habiba. The pair almost immediately spelt trouble, and soon settled into Walford life. The two sisters came in search of their uncle Masood and his half-owned restaurant Walford East. Little did they know upon their arrival that Masood was planning to leave the luxury life of Walford behind for a new life in Australia with his son Tamwar and his soon to be wife, Nancy Carter.

Iqra and Habiba were stunned when they found out that Masood was giving up his half of the restaurant seeing as they had their plans for the business. After ducking and diving into devious tricks, the two girls persuaded Masood to let them look after his half of the company for them, and the two girls were left in charge as Masood jetted off for Australia.

Iqra recently came out as a lesbian to her sister Habiba. This was due to Adam revealing Iqra had a 'secret boyfriend' during the Ahmeds' Eid celebration. In the following episode, we learn that Iqra and her girlfriend have been dating for over a year and this is the reason Iqra so quickly ended her engagement to her fiance and soon to be husband. She starts a sandwich business with Keegan Butcher-Baker.

Iqra broke up with Ash when Ash finally told the truth about Martin Fowler's attack.

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