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Ingrid Solberg made her first appearance on 22 June 2017, and her last appearance on 7 May 2018. She is portrayed by Pernille Broch.



After Jack Branning places an advert for an au pair, Ingrid arrives at his house to inquire about the job, although she has the wrong day. Jack lets her in after his daughter, Amy Mitchell soaks her, and she tells Jack that she lives in Walthamstow, but is from Oslo, and Jack is reluctant to hire her, wanting someone with experience of the area. When Ingrid helps remove chewing gum from Amy's hair without the need to cut it, he offers her a trial. She tries to connect with Amy and Ricky Mitchell by cooking a Norwegian meal but fails. They end up bonding when they order a pizza and she tells them a story about Norway. Jack almost misses a meeting when Ingrid is almost late. When Ingrid catches Bernadette Taylor destroying flowers, she comforts her when she reveals she is pregnant and is being bullied for her physical appearance, and Ingrid makes her apologise to Jane Beale for ruining her garden. After repeated lateness, Jack asks Ingrid to move in with him and the children, which she happily accepts.

Honey Mitchell talks to Ingrid about her upcoming camping trip with her husband Billy and their children Janet and Will, which was overheard by Amy and Ricky. Ingrid tells them that they can come camping too, but Jack is unsure about the idea. However, he later agrees. Ingrid comforts Jack when he is reminded that it is the first family trip without his dead wife Ronnie Mitchell. When they begin to grow closer, Ingrid and Jack share a passionate kiss. When Amy and Ricky ask questions about Ingrid and Jack's relationship, she insists that she has no feelings for Jack. Realising that she may have feelings for him, Ingrid decides to leave Walford. Jack persuades her to return as the au pair. Ingrid is shocked when she attends an art class to find that her neighbour Keanu Taylor is a nude life model. Ingrid and Keanu later begin a relationship. Ingrid is excited when Keanu plans to move in with Jay Brown, so that they have their own space without being disturbed by Keanu's mother, Karen, and is disappointed after Keanu decides not to move because Karen and his siblings need him.

In December 2017, Luke Willmott-Brown, during the fallout after the public reveal of the Willmott-Brown revenge plot, asks her if she knows Max Branning, and she takes him to the Branning residence, where Max threatens Luke and Jack throws him out.

In May 2018, Rainie Branning forces Ingrid to move out of the Branning household so that she and Max can move in. Max is horrified when he finds out.

Background information[]

It was announced on the 2nd May 2018 that Pernille Broch had left the show after almost 8 months of no involvement in storylines on the show. She made her final appearance, showing her leaving the Square, on 7 May 2018.

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