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Ineta Shirovs made her first appearance on 13 June 2014, and her last appearance on 16 April 2015. She was originally portrayed in her first appearance by Octavia Alexandru but was later recast by Gledisa Osmani.


She is the daughter of Aleks Shirovs.


Ineta first appears when Aleks is speaking to over a webcam. She believes he will soon be returning to Latvia.

Ineta later comes to Walford with her mother, Marta, to visit her father. Aleks sees them arriving and quickly leaves for a holiday with his girlfriend Roxy Mitchell and her daughter Amy.

Ineta and Marta visit the Market Office and is greeted by Aleks' assistant Tamwar Masood who is shocked to realize who they are. Ineta tells Tamwar that she and her mother are looking for Aleks. Ineta and Marta come back when Aleks returns from his holiday.

She reveals that she has been teaching her mother English and showing her the sights of London. Aleks gets Tamwar to take Ineta to the Bridge Street Café to keep her occupied. Ineta later asks Aleks if she and Marta can come and live with him but he says that his accommodation is too small, and arranges for them to stay at a B&B away from the Square.

Marta soon finds out that Aleks was having an affair with Roxy and leaves him with Ineta and says she will have a better life in England. Later Aleks and Roxy get back together, Aleks and Ineta move in to 27 Albert Square with Roxy and her daughter Amy and Aleks enrolls Ineta in Walford High School.

In March 2015 Ineta divulged to Roxy that she was being picked on in school. Later that day Linzi Gallo comes round to Albert Square as Roxy and Ineta are leaving 27 Albert Square and she accuses Ineta of bullying her daughter Thea. Roxy defends Ineta by punching Linzi in the face.

In April 2015 Marta comes back from Latvia to Walford for Ineta birthday party. Later when Ineta hears Aleks & Roxy talking about going away, she calls Marta. Finally Roxy decides not to go away with Aleks but he should go away with his wife and daughter.


List of appearances[]


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  6. 5 December 2014
  7. 15 December 2014


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