Ian Reddington
Ian Reddington is a British actor who portrayed Richard Cole in EastEnders from 1992 to 1994.

Sheffield-born Ian is one of the most respected actors to appear in EastEnders. He had an illustrious career in theatre, he was with the RSC for a while and even played Macbeth before switching to TV roles, including parts in Casualty, The Bill and Inspector Morse.

When he offered the role of Tricky Dicky, the producers wanted their new market inspector to have a London accent and wear a uniform! But Ian soon put them right although he would have no problem doing the accent.

Playing a baddie has earnt him the attention of lots of adoring female fans, but he has had to let them down by telling them that he's quite lovely in real life! He is a devoted fan of Sheffield Wednesday and even recorded a one-off single in support of the team's assault on Wembley in 1993 called If it's Wednesday It Must Be Wembley.

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