Hunter Jeffrey Owen was the son of the late Steve and Mel Owen.


Hunter was the son of the late Steve Owen and Melanie Healy. Hunter was born in late 2002. Melanie was in her early stages of pregnancy when Steve died in the car crash. When she leaves Walford, she goes to Portugal, later joined by Lisa Fowler and her daughter Louise.


Mel Owen returns to Walford working for her sister-in-law, Ciara Maguire, to track down money and jewellery that was stolen from Ciara by Aidan Joseph Patrick Maguire, Phil Mitchell, Mick Carter, Keanu Taylor, Billy Mitchell and Vincent Hubbard. Mel figures out that Phil's son, Ben Mitchell, stole the money and confronts Ben as he tries to leave the country with the money. However, she is soon disappointed because someone else has stolen the money from Ben, filling the suitcase which had the money in with newspapers. It is revealed that Ciara is keeping Hunter Owen, from her until she finds the money. She then confronts Phil over this fact, accusing him of taking the money off of his son, but he explains that he didn't because he didn't want to risk the safety of his children - Ben and Louise Mitchell and his step-son Denny Rickman, Mel believes him. Phil then tells her to tell him where Ciara is, but she explains that that wouldn't be the best idea because it would just confirm - to both Ciara and Aidan - that Ben took the money, putting Ben in danger. They agree to help each other out and find the money. They begin by ruling out who could've taken the money, agreeing to look at Mick Carter due to his sudden bailing out of losing the Queen Vic pub (in reality being the result of Callum "Halfway" Highway stealing a ring from the van that the jewellery and money was on).

Mel discovers that Sharon Mitchell has the money after confronting her about Phil, and his band of "merry-men", taking the money. Sharon reveals that she is an "independent woman" and even though Phil didn't tell her about the heist, she found out. Mel explains that Ciara has been keeping her son, Hunter, away from her and that if she doesn't find the money she'll never see him again. She then goes on to try and convince Sharon to go against Phil and try to help her get the money back to Ciara, going on to say that no one should be screwing Sharon over - especially her own husband. Sharon agrees and proudly admits that she took the money "right from under his nose". The next day, Mel and Sharon go to see Ciara. Mel double-crosses her so the money is returned and Mel is able to see Hunter again. When Sharon tells Ciara that she has no reason to give it back, Ciara rings Dennis' mobile and explains to Sharon that either she gets the money back or she'll hurt her son. Sharon agrees to give the money back.

Back at Sharon's home, Mel and Sharon collect the money and put it in a sports bag ready for Ciara. Sharon asks Mel why Hunter was with Ciara in the first place if she was so bad, Mel explains that she told Hunter than Ciara reminded her of his dad, Steve Owen, once and he has idolised Ciara ever since. They hear a knock on the door and Mel goes to answer it. She sighs in relief at the sight of Hunter and they hug. Ciara follows him. Sharon hands the money to Ciara and says "it's a shame you can't stay". Ciara asks Hunter for a kiss goodbye, but he tells her "maybe next time", causing Mel and Sharon to smirk. Mel follows Ciara out and asks if she has told Hunter anything about his real dad. Ciara explains that she hasn't and that Hunter is upset he can't stay with her and that she can't blame him. Sharon asks Ciara if this is the end of it and Ciara explains that as long as she has the full amount back it is. Ciara turns to leave before saying to Mel that Hunter is welcome back to her any time, Mel rebuffs this by saying that her name won't even come up in conversation. They walk back inside to see Hunter. Hunter is, at first, cold towards his mother explaining that Ciara just needed her own space and that's why he had to come back to her. Mel then tells Sharon that they need to go, but Hunter rebuffs this and tells her to send him a postcard as he isn't leaving. Sharon tells him that he's definitely his father's son causing Hunter to ask if she knew him, and whether he helped her family to. Sharon is confused at this but is stopped from explaining any more by Mel, who tells her they don't have time to reminisce and that she needs help packing.

Whilst waiting in Sharon's kitchen, Louise walks through the front door and spots Hunter. Hunter leaps up from his chair and they embrace, calling her "maggot-brains" and Louise answering "the one and only." She is surprised, exclaiming that he doesn't look like his profile picture and he tells her that is because the photo is old and he grew up. Louise takes Hunter on a tour of Walford. They enter the cafe and Hunter explains that it isn't "how he pictured it". They sit down and order teas. Louise asks Hunter what his dad was like, he explains that he was an "old-school gent, and a looker an' all" and that he was a "sharp dresser." He goes on to say that his mum told him his dad was a "decent" man. Louise responds by saying she wished her father could be more like his. She asks if Hunter know how Steve died, in which Hunter says it was a heart-attack in his club. Louise apologises for his loss.

Later that evening, Ciara is enraged at finding out she doesn't have the full amount of money so marches down to find Mel and Hunter at the club. She, in retaliation, tells Hunter the truth about Steve's death, explaining that Mel has lied to him. She explains that his father wasn't the square's favourite man where "everyone dressed in their Sunday best" for his funeral. As she begins to explain Mel and Sharon come to both Hunter and Louise's defence telling them not to believe her and to go home. Louise refuses and Hunter demands to know the truth from Mel. Mel threatens Ciara, who laughs it off not believing she'll do anything to her. Ciara tells Hunter that his dad was "scum, a vicious thug", which Mel rebuffs in order to protect Hunter. Ciara tells Mel to be honest and Hunter asks Mel why Ciara would be saying this. Ciara then accuses Mel of not loving Steve and tells Hunter "Steve Owen was burnt alive in a car" and that he was trying to steal a baby at the time. Mel goes to hit Ciara but is stopped by her bodyguard. Ciara tells Mel that she is just "laying out the facts". Louise goes to Hunter to try to drag him away and Mel says that Ciara is lying. Ciara rebuffs this by telling Hunter that if he doesn't believe her, ask Sharon. Sharon stands her ground saying that "this has nothing to do with me", but Ciara tells her that she'll pay for ripping her off. Sharon tells her to "sing for it". Ciara tries defending her actions to Hunter, telling him that she wouldn't just tell him this to hurt him. Mel tells Hunter they need to leave, but he refuses. She tries to make Ciara look bad and that she is lying because of the money. Ciara denies this and then tells Hunter about Saskia Duncan - she was an old friend of Steve's and he killed her. He looks to Mel but she hangs her head in shame. Ciara then tells Hunter that he shouldn't be too hard on his mum because "what mother in their right mind would want their son to know their father was a murderer?"

Hunter and Mel go home and she explains to him the truth about what happened to Steve. He searches on his phone to look for facts about his father. Mel begins to explain that Saskia was an ex-girlfriend of Steve's who he got pregnant. She had an abortion, regretted it and attacked Steve over it. Steve fought back and ended up killing Saskia in self-defence. Hunter finds an article which says that "Matthew Rose, aged 18, was convicted of her manslaughter" and questions Mel over it. Mel explains that Steve framed him. He then finds an article on his dad's death which says that he died of "misadventure". He questions this and Mel tells him that there was a car chase, but she doesn't remember who was chasing him. He accuses her of lying again, but she denies it. He goes on to read that "a baby was rescued from the car" and asks who the baby was. Mel explains that it was Louise, and she would've only been about 18 months old at the time. He asks whether Louise knows about this to which Mel shakes her head. He asks why Louise was in the car, but she tells him that she'll tell him only when they are back in Portugal. He tells her that there is only one problem - he's not going back to Portugal, she can go be he won't. Mel later compares Hunter to Steve and asks for them to start again.

Mel decides to remain in Walford, accepting Sharon's offer to reopen the nightclub. She decides to name the bar the "Phoenix" but Hunter changes it to "E20" as a tribute to his dad. Mel and Hunter get into an argument over this, causing her to walk out and him to throw a bottle of vodka at the wall. She later agrees to call it "E20". Whilst readying the club to be reopened, Jack Branning tells Hunter that his dad would be proud of him for helping his mum out. Hunter asks if Jack knew what happened to Steve to which he says "yes". Jack tries to help Hunter by saying that good people can get caught up in things sometimes that they can't control - for example his brother, Max Branning. He then goes onto explain about losing his wife, Ronnie Mitchell. He tells Hunter that grief is like a stone - at first it's heavy and overbearing but over time it wears down and becomes something that can be dealt with. Mel and Hunter raise a bottle to Steve in order to honour him.

Louise invites Hunter to a lunch at her family's home which he accepts. Mel finds out and is against it, barging into the Mitchell home. Sharon and Phil invite her to stay and eat, which she accepts. Mel begins making jibes at a drunk Sharon, who responds by commenting on Mel's marriage to Ian Beale. Phil tells Sharon that that is enough, but she ignores him and goes on to go through Mel's failed relationships - like Billy. Mel says that she gets it, her and Hunter aren't welcome, and they get up to leave. Phil and Louise tell them not to, but Hunter says that he doesn't want to stick around to listen to Sharon. Phil tells Hunter to "sit down son", which Sharon questions - "son?". Mel turns to look at Phil, causing him to ask Sharon if she is alright, but she says she's fine - it's just a funny thing to call him. Billy and Honey Mitchell attempt to leave, but Sharon continues to ramble. She says that Hunter isn't Phil's son, "is he?", implying that Phil may be Hunter's father. Mel tells Hunter they are leaving, which he doesn't disagree with. Sharon then goes on to say that it's a strange thing to say, especially when Phil killed his father, Steve. Hunter storms out, with Phil trying to calm down the situation by calling after him, explaining that Sharon is drunk and she doesn't know what she's saying. Hunter gets upset and demands to know if what Sharon said is true, but Sharon and Phil argue that she didn't know what she was saying. Mel tries to drag Hunter out, but he pushes her away. He turns back to Phil and asks if it is true to which Phil says "it weren't like that." Mel tells him to shut up to which Hunter leaves, followed by Louise. Mel thanks Sharon, going on to explain that after 15 years she thought things would've changed. Sharon apologises, Mel rebuffs this saying that it's cheeky that Sharon would "have a pop" at her for "fluttering her eyelashes" when Sharon would go home with anyone who would by her a bag of crisps "back then." She then tells Sharon that she is the same as she always was - "a drunken, mouthy tart." Sharon then grabs a jug of cream and aims to pour it over Mel, but Mel grabs it and pushes her backwards, covering Sharon in cream. She then wishes Sharon a "happy Easter" before storming out. After Sharon has cleaned up, Phil applauds her. She yells at him to stop but he doesn't. Phil then puts the bins out, unaware that Hunter is watching him.

Louise decides she wants to lose her virginity so asks Hunter if he'll take it. He agrees and plans a nice evening on the evening of E20 opening. Hunter uses the situation to his advantage and tells Phil to put security cameras in the club for protection and have them feed to his phone. Phil agrees to put security cameras in the club. On the night of the club opening, Hunter leads Louise into the office, they kiss and they have sex. Unaware to Louise, Hunter is making faces to the camera, as he knows Phil is watching. Afterwards, Louise notices the camera in the Mitchell home, Phil is watching on CCTV how the night is going; he notices Hunter leading Louise into the office and watches as they begin to strip and have sex. An angry Phil then grabs a baseball bat and marches down to the club to kill Hunter. He bursts in and shouts to Mel to tell her where Hunter is, unaware that he is hiding under the bar next to his mum. Mel denies all knowledge and says she's going to call the police, but Phil answers this by saying "they won't get here in time." Mel and Sharon follow Phil into the office and he explains that Hunter has raped Louise and it was captured on CCTV. Mel and Sharon are shocked at this and Mel leaves to find the teens. Phil shows Sharon the beginnings of the tape, where Hunter was making faces into the camera, and brands Hunter as "sick" as he meant for Phil to see it. Sharon tries to calm Phil down by telling him that Hunter probably didn't even know the camera was on. She tells Phil to delete the tape as Louise is 16 but Hunter is still 15 - meaning it is statutory rape in the eyes of the law. Mel texts Sharon to come outside as she has found Hunter and Louise. Hunter and Louise confirm that the sex was consensual, but Louise cries and says "the only thing I don't consent to is you all knowing my business." Hunter assures her that it is probably a misunderstanding. Mel asks Sharon how they can stop this from turning into a decade-long feud; Hunter asks if he has another decade in him. Sharon tells Mel that she'll take Hunter and Louise home, leaving Mel to try and calm Phil down. Mel tells Sharon "it isn't like you to leave me alone with Phil." Sharon answers her, smiling, by saying "you ain't no threat darling." Back in the office, Phil downloads the tapes onto his laptop. Mel comes in and Phil asks her where Hunter is. She explains that Hunter is at home and she has spoken to Louise; she likes Hunter and wasn't forced. Phil stands and tells Mel that if Hunter wants a war, he'll give him one. Mel stops him from leaving. Outside, Hunter asks Sharon if he can come over; Louise tells Sharon that "we weren't doing anything that you didn't do at our age." Sharon is offended by this comment and tells Louise to go inside. Louise kisses Hunter and leaves. Sharon confronts Hunter over the faces he was making to the camera, he lies and explains "I didn't know he was watching. I was just messing around." Sharon asks him how he think Louise would feel if she knew he was making faces at the camera; he says "she wouldn't like it." Sharon agrees and explains "what she gave you is so special." He says he knows, but Sharon questions if he really does. She tells him that she likes him, but "if I get a sniff of you disrespecting Louise again, I won't hold Phil back." Hunter says he understands. Sharon leaves. Back in the office, Mel calms Phil down and seduces him leading to them kissing. She then tells him to leave Hunter alone or she'll tell Sharon. Phil laughs it off, but Mel points to the security camera saying that she'll show Sharon. At this point Sharon and Jack arrive outside the club and see Hunter; they ask what he is still doing out, he explains that he was worried about Mel - "she's been in there ages." Sharon and Jack walk into the club and check if everything is alright - Mel confirms it is.

Louise texts Hunter telling him to “save her” after she has been locked in by Sharon and Phil. Hunter arrives at the Mitchell house and is greeted by an overjoyed Louise, who literally squeaks in joy at the sight of him. They embrace, but are stopped by Sharon. Hunter explains to Sharon that he isn’t staying, but he wants to apologise to her and Phil. Sharon tells Hunter that Phil isn’t home and that he is at the club. Hunter asks Sharon to pass on the message to Phil; Sharon says she can do better than that, and explains she’ll take both of them over the club to apologise as “this is getting stupid now.” Hunter, Louise and Sharon walk in on Mel and Phil talking about their past relationship. Mel tells Phil to explain that it was a long time ago – which Sharon agrees with. He stays silent for a moment and says that he can hardly remember. Louise asks how he can forget that, but Sharon says “if anyone can your dad can, he’s a master at it.” Mel explains to Hunter that because of that fact, they aren’t happy they are together. Phil says that they aren’t together, to be stopped by Louise. However, he ignores her and says that she isn’t even meant to be there. Sharon explains that they came to see him to apologise; Mel says that that is very “grown up” of them. Hunter walks up to Phil and tries to shake hands with Phil, but he grabs him by the throat and holds him up against a shelf. Mel rushes to her son’s aid, whilst Louise and Sharon yell for him to get off of Hunter. Louise, Sharon and Phil leave whilst Mel hugs Hunter. Phil threatens Mel outside the club to tell Hunter to keep away from Louise. She says they have nothing to lose now. Phil tells her that if she wants to play games she’ll have to go “all the way.”

Louise, who is still under lockdown by Phil, rings Hunter and asks to see him, she tells him they have to see each other somewhere where no one can see them. She then tells him she’s home but tells him that he can’t come round and tells him to think of somewhere else to meet, quickly. At this point Phil opens the door and she disconnects the call to Hunter. Phil offers her chips and she gets plates out. He begins to apologise for earlier but she tells him that it’s forgotten about. Phil says that he’s just doing it because he cares about her. Louise then gets a message from Hunter telling her to meet him by the swings in 10 minutes.

Michelle goes to Mel’s to ask if she still wants her to tutor Hunter, Mel says she hasn’t really given it much thought. Michelle then says that Phil told her not to do the job which causes Mel to reconsider. Mel introduced Michelle and Hunter to each other. Michelle later comes to tutor Hunter but catches him and Louise having sex on the sofa. She then tells Hunter she can no longer tutor him, and she doesn’t think it would be appropriate. She then tells them she’ll keep quiet about the situation. Later on, Mel confronts Hunter over why Michelle doesn’t want to tutor him anymore, he lies and says that she tried to kiss him. Mel angrily storms round to the Mitchell home and threatens Michelle after shoving her head in the sink. Sharon confronts Michelle and hints that she believes Hunter’s claims causing Michelle to leave and stay the night at Dot’s. The next day Michelle confronts Louise and tells her to fix it. Louise goes round to see Hunter and gets him to make up a different lie to Mel. Mel goes back round to the Mitchell home with Hunter where Louise reveals that Michelle caught them having sex and thought it wouldn’t be appropriate to teach Hunter anymore. Louise is told off by Sharon and Mel leads Hunter out.

Louise calls Bernadette Taylor a “stupid tramp” which upsets her and her best friend, Tiffany Butcher. This causes Tiffany to break into the Mitchell home and take a picture of Louise and Hunter kissing passionately. She puts it on Instagram, labelling it ‘a Munter on the Loo’. Louise sees the image and confronts Tiffany. This catches the attention of Sharon and Whitney who then get into an argument over the situation.

In May 2018, Hunter comforts Louise when one of her best friends Shakil Kazemi dies after getting stabbed and the teens are left devastated - especially Keegan Baker who was also stabbed but survived. Flowers and cards are placed on a bench near where Shakil was found in memory of him were Keegan, Bex, Louise, Tiffany, Bernadette and Hunter gather round and remember Shakil. Keegan becomes upset but Bernadette tells him it wasn't his fault. Keegan tells the group that Shakil wouldn't of wanted flowers or cards - he would of wanted a good party. Hunter tells them he has spare keys to E20 which his mum runs and teens get drunk and play truth or dare. They spin a bottle and it lands Tiffany kissing Bernadette. Tiffany tells the group that she ain't kissing Bernadette but Hunter dares her to do it - so Tiffany kisses Bernadette, leaving everyone gob smacked and she replies " hash tag, never dare a Butcher". Keegan then grabs the bottle and spins it round hoping it will land on him so he can kiss Tiffany. It lands on Keegan and he leans in to kiss her, the pair snog and smile at each other but Bernadette doesn't like the thought of her best friend and her brother kissing. Louise also appears to be jealous even though she is going out with Hunter. After that, everyone makes a toast to Shakil. The next morning, Tiffany thinks that she is ill but Bernadette replies "its called a hangover".

Hunter's former stepfather Ray Kelly is mentioned several times throughout 2018, as his ex partner Mel Owen's son Hunter Owen stays in contact with him. Ray arrives at E20 Nightclub as Mel is about to respond to Jack Branning's marriage proposal. Ray tells Mel he came because Hunter told him she was in trouble, but Mel says it was a lie. Ray leaves, but Mel later calls him. They meet and talk about their past, and he says he left his job in the police because he made mistakes after she left him and that letting her go was a mistake. She says it is too late and pushes him away when he goes to kiss her, but she then kisses him.

A man named Jeff Reynolds then comes to Walford into a café and talks to Ray, calling him Simon. Ray then tells Jeff that he doesn't know him and must have the wrong man. Hunter then gets suspicious of Ray and why he is always sneaking around. Hunter then listens to Ray's phone call and becomes even more suspicious. Hunter then looks in the back of Ray's car and finds loads of money and a passport with Ray being named Simon Wright. When Hunter confronts Ray about it, he says that he is still in the police force but doesn't want to worry Mel about it. Ray then takes Hunter out and gets him drunk, much to Mel's despair. That night, Ray takes Hunter home and meets up with Jeff and tells him to leave and never come back, but he tells Ray that he is buying a flat in the area from Jack. Ray then beets up Jeff and tells him to leave and never come back. The next day, Jeff asks Jack for his money back from his deposit off the flat but Jack says its out of his hands. Jeff later runs off when Ray comes towards him, making Jack suspicious. Jack threatens to tell Mel about this but later on, Ray arrives at Jack's house and tells him that he can make his life a misery if he doesn't get off his case. Ray then tells Jack that he will tell everyone about what happened to his daughter Penny Branning. Jack and Ray start to fight just as Jacks young children Amy and Ricky walk into the room.

Mel then asks Jack to do some digging on Jeff and find his criminal record. Jack does this but it turns out that he hasn't got one. Later on, Mel hears Ray on the phone to a doctor with the surname Matthews. She thinks nothing of it and goes into the café for a coffee. She overhears a nurse Sonia Fowler talking about how Dr Matthews is busy today. Mel goes to the hospital to Matthew's ward and discovers Ray with a woman and young child. The next day, Mel returns to the hospital and discovers Ray has been living two lives and he has another family. Mel speaks to a woman named Maddie Wright, who asks Mel if she can borrow 10p. They get chatting and Mel asks her if she is married. Maddie tells Mel she has a husband named Simon and they have a four year old son named Jake but her husband wanted to name him Ray. Mel tells Maddie that she did have a husband but he cheated on her, Maddie replies telling Mel she hopes she made him pay.

In January 2019, Ray is arrested for bigamy by PC Nawaz after Nicola and Maddie report him to the police. Whilst driving the police car to the station, Ray fakes a heart attack. PC Bentley and PC Nawaz stop the car and roll him onto the ground. He grabs PC Bentley's taser and tasers him. PC Nawaz pulls out her baton, but Ray threatens her with the taser. He locks them in the car and walks away.

Whilst he is doing this, Mel reveals to Jack and Hunter that Ray has two other wives and tried to kill her. Ray returns to the house, where he turns the place upside down looking for his brown bag. Hunter finds him in there, and tries to stab him. Ray overpowers him, beats him and puts him in the boot of his car. Ray phones Mel from a forest and tells her to bring his brown bag to her, which has his money and gun in it. Mel agrees. Ray sends Mel a photo of Hunter, bloody in the boot of his car. Mel turns up at the location with the bag and the gun drawn. She hears wedding music. She ventures to the source, and finds a phone. She turns the music off, and dumps the bag. Ray jumps out at her, and she points the gun at him. Ray tells her the gun isn't loaded. She shoots the gun at a tree. She makes Ray lie down and she ties him up. She asks where Hunter is, and Ray tells her that Hunter was taken away by a friend. Mel makes Ray phone the friend. Ray says he will be 15 minutes, so Ray and Mel talk. They reminisce. Mel grows impatient and tells Ray she is phoning his friend. Ray warns her not to. A pizza company answer. Mel realises she has been duped. She points the gun at Ray again and asks where Hunter is. A cry rings out, and she runs towards it. She finds Hunter with his hands bound. She unties him and helps him walk to her car. She finds her tyres have been slashed. She asks Hunter for Ray's keys, and he has them. Ray jumps out at them, and they rush into his car. Ray starts hammering at the car door and window with a spade, as Mel fumbles about with the keys attempting to start the car. She manages. She accelerates but crashes into a tree. She then moves backwards but hits Ray. She gets out of the car and feels for a heartbeat on Ray, but cannot find one. She digs a grave for him and puts him in it. She fills the grave. She cries and drops to her knees, just as Ray sits up from his grave. Ray pulls Mel to the ground and attempts to strangle her. A loud bang rings out and Ray falls to his side. Hunter is seen standing behind him with a gun. Ray has been shot. Mel takes the gun off Hunter and tells him to start searching for the round. They find it. Mel buries Ray in the grave she made for him earlier. They drive back to the Square in Ray's car, and Jack knocks on their door when they get there. He asks them where they have been, and they tell him they went for a long drive, although Jack is suspicious. Hunter and Mel get inside and bag all the clothes up to get rid of them. Hunter tells Mel that he has broken the gun up and put bits of it in bins all around the Square. Jack knocks and tells Mel to come and have a drink with him in the kitchen. He doesn't take no for an answer. DS Barnes comes round and tells Mel that Ray has escaped, and suggests they helped him escape. Mel denies this and sends DS Barnes packing. Mel goes to collect the bags of clothing to take away and Hunter goes into the kitchen. Hunter pulls out the gun from his pockets and puts it to his throat. Mel smashes a glass, and she hears a bang. However, she imagined it.

In September 2019, Hunter kept the majority of the Square's residents hostage in The Vic, hellbent on getting revenge on Jack Branning. During a scuffle over between Jack, Kush, Mick and Hunter over the gun, Ben Mitchell gets shot by accident in the crossfire. When Ben's condition started to deteriorate, Sonia and a devastated Callum tried to keep him awake, while begging Hunter to see sense. With Hunter refusing to back down, Sonia was forced to perform a risky procedure in order to save Ben's life, and to everyone's relief, succeeded. Unfortunately, Hunter was still refusing to let the situation lie and grabbed a pregnant Louise to take outside of the pub. As Louise begged for her life, her frantic partner Keanu rushed to save her, but ended up being shot in the shoulder. With things looking increasingly bleak for a terrified Louise, armed police took action and shot Hunter dead before he could do anymore damage.

Kill Count

  • Ray Kelly (January 2019) – Shot after being kidnapped by him and saving his mother.

Attempted Murder Victims

1. Keanu Taylor (January 2019) - attempted to kill him for punching him, but later decided to not go through with it as Louise Mitchell walked in.

2. Ben Mitchell (September 2019) - Accidentally shot him in a scuffle.

3. Keanu Taylor (September 2019) - Shot him in the shoulder to stop him from saving Louise.

4. Louise Mitchell (September 2019) - Attempted to shoot her but was later shot dead by Police.


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