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Susan "Honey" Mitchell (née Edwards) is the daughter of Janet Bishop and Jack Edwards, ex-wife and now fiancée of Billy Mitchell and mother of Will and Janet. She made her first appearance on 22 November 2005 and is portrayed by Emma Barton.


2005-2008: Arrival, relationship, marriage to Billy and birth of William and Janet[]

Honey is introduced in November 2005, employed by Yolande Trueman as a "honey trap" to see if her husband Patrick Trueman is willing to commit adultery. Honey causes confusion by mistaking Billy Mitchell for Patrick, but truth prevails, and Honey and Billy become friends. Honey has aspirations to become a model. Billy helps her find employment, acting as her manager. Billy and Honey are attracted to each other, and after a period of trepidation, they finally confess their feelings and became a couple in December 2005. The following month, Honey falls pregnant. Overjoyed, Billy proposes and despite initial objections from her father, Jack Edwards, Honey says yes. When Jack discovers that Honey is pregnant, he tries to persuade her to abort her unborn child, convinced that she would share the same fate as her mother. Not wanting to lose Honey, Billy insists that she enquire about an abortion but a check-up reveals that Honey does not have the same heart defect as her mother, so there is no danger of her dying of the same cause. Honey is furious with Jack for making her so unnecessarily fearful about her health all her life, and chastises him for not getting her heart checked when she was a child. She eventually forgives her father, and begins enjoying the prospect of becoming a mother.

Honey and Billy's first attempt at getting married in June 2006 ends in disaster when Honey is admitted to hospital, due to food poisoning. They try again in July, but due to a series of unfortunate events — starting with a prank performed on Billy's stag night — the groom doesn't get to the ceremony on time. Their third attempt in September is arranged as a surprise by Peggy Mitchell. Honey is heavily pregnant and goes into labour, during the ceremony. As Billy leans in for a kiss after they are pronounced husband and wife, Honey reveals that her waters have broken. Honey gives birth to a girl, Janet (named after Honey's mother), but her happiness is short-lived when she discovers that Janet has Down syndrome. Devastated, Honey rejects her baby, changing her name to Petal, as she does not have the "perfect" Janet she had wanted. Honey and Billy go to a support group for parents of children with Down syndrome, but this depresses Honey further. She breaks down and destroys Petal's nursery, admitting to Billy that she wants to put Petal up for adoption. Billy is against this and their relationship suffers as a result. Honey tries, but cannot accept her baby and at her lowest ebb, considers smothering Petal with a pillow, but cannot do it. Petal is fostered by Tony Smith, and Kim Smith in December 2006, but the next day, Dr. May Wright tells Billy that Petal needs a heart operation. Billy arranges for Petal to be baptised in case she does not survive, and after reading a heartfelt letter from Billy to Petal, Honey decides to keep her daughter after all. She attends the baptism and informs the vicar that the baby's name is Janet. Janet's operation is a success, and Honey begins to bond with her.

In March 2007, Honey discovers she is pregnant again. Billy is apprehensive, fearing that they might love the new baby more than Janet, but Honey soon reassures him and they look forward to the arrival of the second baby. However, in November 2007, Honey is knocked down whilst trying to stop Jase Dyer being attacked, sending her into labour. She is rushed to hospital where she gives birth to a boy, who initially appears stillborn, but is resuscitated, and is named William after his father. The Mitchells are happy until December 2007, when their landlady, Manju Patel, threatens to evict them. Billy is unable to raise their rent money and despite attempts to barricade themselves in the flat, Mrs. Patel evicts them, leaving the entire family homeless before Christmas. They are forced to rely on relatives and friends for accommodation, before being rehoused at Walford Towers. Money becomes an issue for the Mitchells again in August 2008. Desperate, Billy takes a job as a getaway driver for Jase, who is in league with Terry Bates, the man responsible for the pub riot that caused Honey an injury the year before. The job is a ruse, set up by Terry as revenge on Jase; Jase is stabbed and killed. Honey is devastated to learn that Billy was indirectly involved in the incident that led to Jase's death, particularly when she discovers that instead of trying to rescue Jase, Billy hid in the bathroom in fear. She is further incensed to discover that Billy has kept Jase's "blood money". She throws Billy out, only agreeing to take him back when Billy donates the money to charity. Honey tells Billy she will take him back if he promises never to lie again. Billy does so, but when Honey discovers that Billy still has some of Jase's money, she decides that she can no longer trust him. She ends her marriage and leaves Walford with their children on 2 September 2008. Honey tells Billy that she will never stop him seeing the kids because she does not want to see them suffer because of their father's mistakes. In September 2008, it is revealed that Honey and the children are now living with Honey's father, Jack. In May 2010, it is mentioned that Honey and Jack have been involved in a car crash, and Billy is given temporary custody of Janet and William. Jack dies and Honey is left in a critical condition. It is then revealed that Honey has recovered, and has resumed custody of Janet and William. In May 2012, Honey and Lola Pearce throw a party for Billy's birthday, with Janet and William attending.

2014-2019: Troubles with Billy, cheated on, relationship with Adam and eating disorder[]

In May 2014, Honey brings the children to visit Billy and asks to meet up with him. Billy assumes it is a date and confesses his love, however Honey reveals that she wants to move to Canada for a year and take the children. Billy vows to stop her, he destroys Janet's passport and abducts her and William, but Phil convinces him to return. Honey agrees to let Janet stay with him while she takes William. She returns again to visit Billy the next year, and goes back to his flat to see Janet, but discovers Billy has stolen items in his flat (which he had moved for his cousin Ronnie Branning). He convinces her that he has changed, and after she listens to a voicemail message he has left for her, they have sex. Honey discovers that William's modelling contract has not been renewed and decides to move back to Walford. She then opens up to Les Coker, about not wanting to move too quickly in her relationship with Billy. Honey asks Billy to speak to Ronnie about loaning them some money so she can move into a flat nearby with Janet and William. After Billy reveals why he needs money from her, Ronnie suggests Honey and the children move in with her and her son, Matthew Mitchell Cotton, so that she is no longer alone. Honey agrees to this and they move in the following day. Honey and Billy soon get engaged again.

Honey is horrified to learn that Jay Brown, who lives with her and Billy, has been dealing drugs and that Billy knew this, evicting them both. She later forgives Billy and agrees to help Jay. Honey and Billy catch Jay stealing their wedding fund, so Honey reports Jay to the police and he decides to move out so that Janet and William will not go into care.

Honey comforts Jack Branning when his wife Ronnie and her sister Roxy Mitchell drown on Ronnie and Jack's wedding day. Billy and Honey move into the flat above the funeral parlour where Billy works, and he is made a partner in the business. Honey is devastated when Janet is hit by a car and after arguing with Billy, he has sex with Tina Carter, who was driving the car. Billy is sacked for illegally exhuming a grave, and Honey sees Billy and Tina hugging after she supports him. Honey assumes they are having an affair so Billy admits to a one-night stand. Billy and Honey split over it, leaving Billy homeless. Tina's plan for Billy to get Honey drunk, so they might get back together, backfires when she flirts with Jack instead, and when Honey nearly kisses Jack, he in turn is attacked by Billy, who then tells Honey that their relationship is special and he wants to get back together, but she vomits because of the alcohol. All attempts to reconcile fail, because she cannot forgive him for cheating on her. Honey struggles to pay her rent, so she, Janet and William move in to a house share with Billy. Billy cooks Honey a special dinner hoping it will start a reunion, but she cracks a tooth on an olive stone. She sees a dentist, Adam Bateman, which leads to series of dates. Billy is jealous and gives the children sweets because it is bad for their teeth, but it just leads to William vomiting on Honey. Billy later deletes messages from Adam on Honey's phone but she then changes her PIN, saying she will not let Billy spoil her time with Adam, and their relationship continues.

Adam starts an affair with Habiba Ahmed, and when Habiba's sister, Iqra, learns of this, she tells Honey. Despite knowing about the affair, Honey continues her relationship with Adam due to the fear of being unhappy. As part of a "wife swap" event in Walford, Ash Kaur stays with Honey for a few days. During her time with Honey, Ash notices symptoms of an eating disorder, and confronts her on it. Honey reveals that she began dealing with it in her teens, but it became manageable when she had kids. However, it reappeared when she began seeing Adam, and Ash tells her to seek professional help. Also during the swap, Iqra stays with Adam, where she finds out that he is seeing other woman behind Honey's back. Honey exposes Adam in the Queen Vic, before kicking him out of their flat after he mocks her bulimia, leading to her attacking him with a recycling box. For several weeks afterwards, Honey struggles with her bulimia, and eventually decides she must leave Walford and move in with her aunt while she seeks treatment for her eating disorder.

2020-2023: Relationship with Jay, confusion with Suki, Lola’s death[]

In 2020, Honey goes on a date with a man who drugs her, and she passes out in the alley. Before anything can happen, Jay scares him off and Honey is taken to hospital. She's supported through her ordeal by Jay, whom she develops feelings for. As they share their first kiss weeks later, Billy walks in horrified, and takes his anger out on Jay. Out of love for Billy, Jay does not pursue a relationship - but Jay eventually admits he would like to be with Honey, but they are overheard by Lola who warns them to tell Billy. When Honey asks to speak to him, he thinks they will get back together, but Honey shuts him down as Jay walks in. When Billy reacts badly, Honey informs him that she has not been married to him for years, and that she is happy with Jay. In 2021, Honey grows closer to Suki Panesar, and the two attend the pride of Walford awards together. After the awards, Suki kisses Honey. After this, Suki fires Honey from the minute mart. In 2022, Honey gets the job as the market inspector after both Stacey Slater and Martin Fowler both give up the job. On 28 July 2022, Honey and Jay split up due to Honey realising that the two want different things, with Jay wanting to go out with his friends while Honey wants to focus on her job as market inspector. After this, Jay moves out for a while to give them time apart.

On 15 August 2022, Jay approaches Honey and asks if it’s okay for him to come over and collect his stuff. Honey says it’s okay anytime after four o’clock, as she’s expecting a “royal visitor” today, Mr Lister. Honey then asks Jay if Callum knows about his CD he needs to get to sleep, and Jay says it was one time after he had nightmares about getting shipwrecked. Jay then leaves, and Billy asks Honey why when they broke up why it wasn’t smiles and jokes like it is with Jay, but Honey asks which time he means, reminding billy they’ve broken up many times, saying that might explain the lack of smiles and jokes. When Honey turns around, she sees Ash and asks if everything is okay with her mum. Ash says she’s fine and asks why Honey’s asking, and Honey says it’s as she hasn’t opened the shop again. Honey says she would go check herself, but she’s busy with work. Honey then leaves. Later, Honey shows Mr Lister around the market, and he comments on the stall holders that are missing, with Honey saying she allowed them to go to Avery Baker’s funeral. Mr Lister remarks that Honey is rather empathetic. Ash then leaves the shop, and Honey says she’s glad to see Suki back on her feet. Ash says she’s getting there and asks Honey how single life is, and Honey says she’s hoping her and Jay stay friends. Ash reminds Honey that she’s her friend too, saying if she’s feeling down then she can call her. Mr Lister then asks Honey if she’s single, saying the love of her life could be around the corner.

On 16 August 2022, Honey visits Kim at the salon. Kim says she should get something that says she’s back on the market, but Honey rejects her and is backed up by Denise and Sonia. Kim says Honey shouldn’t take advice from Sonia as she’s been single for ages. Denise says she misses the feeling of being single and not having to please another soul. Sonia says she read an article about a woman who was sick of dating apps so she said yes to every invitation for a year to see what happens. Honey says she loves the idea, and Kim asks what happened to her, and Sonia says she’s still single, but the point is it broadened her horizons. Honey then decides to say yes to everything for the rest of the day, and Kim asks her if she wants a perm, so Honey has to say yes. Kim then shows Honey some options, and she chooses one. Later when walking through the market, Billy compliments her hair but Honey says it’s just something she’s trying out, but Billy says she should keep it. Billy then attempts to ask Honey to go for a drink, but loses the confidence and is seen by Eve, making her laugh. She then mocks Billy and says that cheese and onion aren’t very sexy. Eve then says Billy should just ask Honey on a date. Later in the cafe, Honey orders from Emin, and when he asks if she wants sugar, she says yes. After her break, Honey is approached by Billy, who attempts to ask her for a drink, but gets called away by a customer. Mr Lister then approaches Honey and asks her to go to lunch at the Vic with him, and she accepts. At the Vic, Mr Lister says that honey looks beautiful, and she thanks him. He then says they should drop the formality’s and start calling him Bob. Mr lister then says he’s sorry to hear about Honey’s split from Jay, saying that that’s the trouble of dating younger men. Honey jokes saying he must be talking from experience, and Mr Lister says obviously not, and that younger men just want to “sew their wild oats.” Honey then reveals that she was the one who dumped Jay, not the other way around. Mr Lister then continued to make jokes with Honey about someone in the market health and safety department, but Honey is not amused by them. Finlay Baker later saves her from the date by pretending that the two of them are together. Mr Lister then leaves and Honey and Finlay share a proper introduction, and Finlay offers a drink to Honey. Honey then feels embarrassed over deciding to say yes to everything. On 18 August 2022, Honey informs the boys that Mr Lister has refused them and that she’ll talk to him. The boys and Honey later convince him.

On 29 August 2022, Honey and Billy are convinced to have a private carnival party by Tom Cotton for Janet as she’s feeling overwhelmed by the Baker brothers party. During the party, Billy and Honey dance together after Honey declined Billy’s offer earlier. Honey admits she never thought they’d be friends like this again.

On 6 September 2022, Honey and Billy get closer after Freddie Slater steals a bap from the market. Billy asks Honey for a drink and she accepts. The two later go to the Vic, and Billy asks if Honey is excited for the wedding. Freddie then comes over to them. Billy tells Freddie to sit down while he calls the police, and Freddie does so, saying he got Billy a beer. Billy declines it, and Freddie reveals that he’s Billy’s son. Honey later storms off from Billy after he tells Freddie he is his biological dad, despite not being it. At home, Honey tears into Billy for giving Freddie false hope, saying that Little Mo Mitchell shouldn’t be dumping Freddie on them as she can’t tell him the truth, saying she doesn’t want Will and Janet thinking they have a new sibling. Honey then says she’ll phone Little Mo and leave her a message, saying that just because Billy and her aren’t together doesn’t mean they aren’t a team. Later, Honey is angered at Phil and Billy when Phil says he has to leave the country. Billy later apologised to Honey for leaving, saying he still loves her and always will, saying he’s sorry for not being good enough for her. Billy reveals to Honey that he’s leaving as the police are going to arrest him because of Samantha Keeble’s vendetta against Phil, saying he wishes he could stay, but he can’t as he’s a coward scared of being locked up again. Billy swears on the kids lives he didn’t do it before leaving. Later, Honey, Will and Janet watch as the police take Billy away. Honey later goes to see Phil. Honey is angry at Phil as her kids has seen Billy be arrested. Phil says Ritchie Scott is on Billy’s case, but Honey says it isn’t good enough and rips into Phil, saying it isn’t right he’s been used by the Mitchell’s. Honey says Phil is ripping her family apart and that all Billy has ever done is show Phil loyalty. Phil then storms off after Kat returns home to hear him threatening her kids. Honey and Kat then vent to each other about their troubles with Mitchell men. Kat pours them both a drink, with Honey saying the Mitchell men of that generation are the way they are because of their childhood, and that Phil is just a little boy who was told he was never allowed to cry inside. Later, Billy comes home and tells Honey that Ritchie got him out, but she won’t be representing him. Billy says he understands she won’t want him in the house now he’s been charged with murder, and Honey reveals she still cares about Billy, and the two share a kiss and get back together.

On 27 September 2022, Honey takes Will and Janet to see Freddie in the chippy when him and Bobby are hosting a deep fry day where you can bring anything to be deep fried. Janet brings a pick and mix and Will a tuna melt. Let in the Vic, Freddie tells her and Billy about his day, and when Freddie goes to the toilet, Honey tells Billy he needs to tell Freddie he isn’t his dad.

The following day, Honey joins Billy in the cafe to talk to his lawyer, however when he isn’t helpful, Honey says he should pay for a solicitor, and forget legal aid, saying Billy didn’t murder anyone. His lawyer says he should plead guilty and take the fourteen years as it’s generous, but Billy is outraged by this and the lawyer leaves, and Freddie comes over. Freddie asks what’s up, and Billy says it isn’t good, and Honey says that even though Phil’s layer, Ritchie Scott, can’t help, she has to have other people to help. Honey calls over to Ben, asking if Phil has lawyers, and Ben says they use Ritchie for legit cases, but there are other people at her firm. Billy says it will cost them a lot, and Freddie says he’s still getting them some money, and Billy says he appreciates it, but Freddie will never be able to get the money needed and that he’s going to go down for something he didn’t do and that they need to get their heads around it, and he then leaves. Freddie and Honey later mock Phil together in the pub.

On the day of Billy’s hearing, Honey talks to Phil, telling him Billy is terrified. Honey later talks with Billy in the cafe where he tells her that if he goes to prison he doesn’t want her to bring the kids to visit him. He says he’s not worried about himself but needs Honey to promise she won’t bring them however much they ask, and she promises, but says it won’t come to that as he is innocent. After this, Will walks in, saying he wants to be with his dad, and the three share some food in the cafe. The next day, Honey and Freddie go the Vic with Billy, where Ritchie reveals Jimmie can’t represent him anymore. The three then sit down, and Billy says he’s got no chance now before stepping outside. Freddie tells Honey he hates Phil, as first he said Billy was Freddie’s real dad and now this, and says the only good thing about not being a Mitchell is not being related to him, and Honey says Phil always treated Billy like his dog. Ben then comes in, and Freddie asks him to talk to his dad, and Ben says no. On 5 October 2022, Honey attend Jay’s party at Peggy’s hosted by Lola. A break in later happens, and Honey is unharmed, although he’s shaken up and brought back to when the Vic was attacked when she gave birth to William.

The family are later distraught to discover that Lola has a brain tumour, which will most likely be terminal. Honey supports Billy and offers her love and support to Lola. As she attends numerous chemotherapy treatments and other scans, things get worse. On the plus side, Lola and Jay get married which is something which Honey is happy to see. As time progresses, Lola’s health deteriorates and the family begin to make plans on what to do once she passes, they make arrangements for Lexi’s care. Eventually, Lola is at a point where she goes into hospital for the final time and is taken home with days left. Honey is saddened and makes alternative arrangements for Will and Janet as they sit their GCSE’s.

When Billy is drunk and emotional, after Lola is about to die, he gets into a fight with Nish Panesar and smashes up the Minute Mart, punching Jack too. Honey tries to stop him but there is no hope, and he is arrested. Honey and Phil then plead with Nish to get Billy released and his granddaughter is dying. Nish doesn’t budge so Honey angrily chucks tea over him. After persuading and blackmailing Suki, Billy is successfully released - he and Honey say their goodbyes to Lola and she sadly dies.

In the following months, grief is hard for the family and they all struggle, Billy in particular, Honey is around to support him but things do get stressful. Towards the end of 2023, they watch a Christmas Video which Lola prerecorded and she reveals, on the video, that she has signed Jay and Honey up for the London Marathon 2024.

2024 to present: Marathon run and Stevie’s arrival[]

As 2024 progresses, Honey and Jay bond and prepare to run the marathon, doing excessive training and practice jogs with Peter. Honey is faced with a challenge when Will gets a vape from Avani Nandra-Hart and Honey confronts Priya Nandra-Hart over this behaviour, Priya then chucks a drink over Honey - this is the start of Will’s behaviour degrading.

Honey and Jay later run the marathon for real and complete it. At the finish line, Honey proposes to Billy and he accepts, and the family are locals are delighted - especially after completing the run in aid of Lola. However, a few weeks later, Billy’s estranged father, Stevie Mitchell arrives in Walford which causes some revelations for the family. Honey gets on well with Stevie and feels sorry for him being alone, but Billy has a strong disregard for his father and banishes him. Despite this, Stevie keeps coming back and tries to bond with Will and Janet, discreetly and openly.

Billy and Stevie continue to clash, but after some time, they make up and Honey is glad for Billy and enjoys having a happy family. Not too long after, Will gets catfished by someone at school and goes to Stevie for help - when it goes wrong, Will lashes out and attacks Stevie, hospitalising him. This then causes Honey and Billy to discover the catfishing incident, Honey supports Will and reassures him that he can always come to her for support, rather than Stevie. Honey also meets, Teddy, Harry and Barney Mitchell, new members of the Mitchell Clan, hidden away from Billy. After a series of dramatic events, she goes to visit her Aunt Caroline for a break.

Employment history[]

Occupation Years active
Bartender at The Queen Victoria 2006-2007
Employee at Booty 2007
Assistant employee at Minute Mart 2016-2021
Market Inspector at Bridge Street Market 2022 to present

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