Home Fires Burning is the first of twelve novels by EastEnders scriptwriter Hugh Miller based on the TV Series EastEnders that centers around the lives of Lou Beale and Harold Legg during the years of the Second World War. It was first published by Grafton Books in paperback in 1985 and by Inner Circle Books in hardback in 1986.

Cover Blurb

For the inhabitants of Albert Square, the Second World War is a time of rationing, of black marketeering, of constant daily problems, and above all the Blitz. Despite the privations of wartime, however, life must go on.

Lou Beale fights to survive while her husband is away at war and Harold Legg, training to be a doctor, meets a young nurse, falls in love, and plans to set up house with her in Albert Square.

Home Fires Burning is a story of good times and bad times of the indomitable spirit of the East End. It is also a story rich with laughter and tragedy, about how people of Albert Square manage against all odds.



  • Albert Beale
  • Lou Beale
  • Harold Legg
  • Judith Martin
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