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Het Oude Noorden (Translation: Old North) is a Dutch version of EastEnders that was broadcast in 1993 on VARA.


Soap Opera which followed the everyday life of the inhabitants of the Rotterdam district of Old North. The inhabitants are of various kinds: the real "northerners" who have long been living for generations but also many foreigners who have now been integrated into the neighborhood. The story takes place in the homes and shops of Mayors Rose Square, where people encounter each other on a daily basis.

Oude Noorden is based on the British EastEnders set in the East End of London. The compositions and conditions of the population in the two districts would be similar. The Dutch series was not successful.

On the set the exterior of the buildings are built but the interiors are studio sets.



-Note: Characters have been given dutch names but their original names are in brackets.

  • Loes Vos as Oma Martens (Lou Beale)
  • Ton Pompert as Willem Martens (Pete Beale)
  • Aletta de Nes as Carolien Martens
  • Helen Pavias Martens as Jozefien Ottevanger
  • Paul van Soest as Fred Ottevanger
  • Tim Meeuws as Kroegbaas Ger Visser (Den Watts)
  • Dana Dool as Ankie Visser (Angie Watts)
  • Nora Kretz as Greetje Kuyper (Ethel Skinner)
  • Jaap Maarleveld as Dokter Klein (Dr Legg)


  • Eddy Habbema - Director
  • Barbara Jurgen - Writer
  • Freek Biesiot - Art Director
  • Nick de Weerd - Design Assistant
  • Jan Rutger Achterberg - Editor


# Air date Title
1 13 March 1993  Jopie Maas
2 13 March 1993 Ger and Ankie's wedding
3 20 March 1993  Murder
4 20 March 1993 The letter
5 27 March 1993 Hannie and her baby
6 3 April 1993 Jeffrey's container
7 10 April 1993 The dinner party
8 17 April 1993 Willem knows what to do
9 24 April 1993  Dirty affairs
10 1 May 1993 The Assault
11 8 May 1993 Unrest
12 15 May 1993  Vengeance
13 22 May 1993  A beating
14 29 May 1993 Vogelvrij
15 5 June 1993 Gretchen fit
16 12 June 1993 Long Live Love
17 19 June 1993 Small washes, great washes
18 26 June 1993  Bad news
19 10 July 1993 Demolition
20 17 July 1993  A man must not cry




Introduction by Dreek Biesiot Directed by Eddy Habbema - Vara - 1993 Soap series about the residents of the Rotterdam neighborhood 'The old north'. The data for the series came from the well-known series Eastenders, but the Dutch version only lasted one season. With design assistant Nick de Weerd I designed a square in the working-class neighborhood and all the interiors. The Burgemeester Roosplein is such a small, normal square. A greengrocer, Surinamese toko, dump shop and a launderette. In the middle a small playground with some seesaw chickens and a telephone booth. Director Eddy Habbema preferred to shoot everything on location, but that turned out to be very expensive. The facades and streets of the square are therefore 'real' - of (brick) stone and wood - only at the back you can see that it is a decor. The interiors are in a studio in Almere.

Images © Dreek Biesiot 1993. See original link.