Henry Hubbard is an unseen character, he has never appeared on screen.


Henry Hubbard was born in about 1948 and lived in Walford in the 1960s. He was friends with Ted Hills, Den Watts, Gavin Sullivan and Eric Mitchell. He has only ever been seen in a photo that Gavin had off them all together. Henry is the husband of Claudette and the father of Vincent Hubbard. Vincent was born in December 1973.

Vincent heard talk of Den Watts and said his dad knew him. Vincent said he hates Christmas as his dad died at Christmas.

Claudette begged Henry not to get involved with Eric Mitchell and his gang of mates. But Henry did not have any money, Vincent asked for a pair of trainers. Claudette told Vincent that they couldn't afford it.

On Christmas Eve 1981, Henry came back to his house all worked up. Vincent was in his Pyjamas listening on the stairs, Henry and Claudette were arguing about Eric not paying him for a job he did.

When Vincent woke up on Christmas Day he had one present under the tree, it was the High-top trainers he had asked for. Henry went to confronted Eric for not paying him and he was killed but his body was never found. There was a rumour that his body ended up in concrete on a construction site.

In an episode dated 22 December 2015, Phil Mitchell claimed that Henry did not die but simply ran away. In an episode date 1 January 2016, Glenda Mitchell claims she remembers Christmas Eve 1981, according to Glenda, Eric drank a lot of alcohol on Christmas Eve, she put him to bed and didn't wake up till Christmas Day when the Queen's Speech was on TV.  

In an episode dated 9th March 2016, it is revealed Claudette killed Henry and her old friend Gavin knew and threatened to spill it.

In 1981 Walford Council was expanding the Spring Lane estate. Claudette and Henry Hubbard were arguing. Henry went onto the balcony for a cigarette. Claudette then push him over the edge and then she buried him on the Spring Lane estate.


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