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Heart Bet styled as Heart BET (formally Turf Accountants) is a licensed betting shop on Turpin Road. Over the years, several local residents have worked and gambled there. Debbie Bates, Dennis Rickman, Pat Evans and Carol Jackson have worked there.


The betting shop was first seen in 1987 and its first known owner was Stan Dougan who appeared between 1994 and 1995.

In 2003 Andy Hunter became the new owner and employed Pat Evans. The flat (13A Turpin Road) above the bookmaker was initially owned by Richard ColeSanjay and Gita Kapoor then lived here before moving to 43 Albert Square. The next known occupant was Annie Palmer, followed by Simon and Louise Raymond.

In April 2001, Barry and Natalie Evans lived here very briefly. The flat then became empty for many years until 2014 when Kush Kazemi moves in. Later in 2015 he moved out to 29 Albert Square. As of 2016 the flat is empty.

In 2021, the shop was re-named to Heart Bet and repainted to its original colour. In July 2023, Alfie Moon applies for a job there. Olga Kubicka is the current manager of Heart Bet.




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