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Hayley Slater is the daughter of Bev Slater and mother of Cherry Slater. Hayley has had a hard life and has turned to drink most of the time thinking it would solve it. She drank through her pregnancy, before it and even after her baby had been born, but at heart Hayley can be a nice person.


Hayley is first seen in Walford taking photos of Stacey and Martin Fowler. Whilst in the café, Hayley looks through her phone and answers a phone call, asking if the caller had received any photographs. She insults Martin to the caller, reassuring them that she knows what to do next.

Stacey is seen by Hayley and Martin's sister Michelle Fowler putting her children Arthur and Hope Fowler in a taxi. Michelle runs to Martin to tell him she is taking the kids. He stops the taxi by jumping in front of it, Stacey gets out of the car and Martin forbids her from taking the kids anywhere. Stacey explains that they are going to pick Stacey's six year old daughter Lily up from school and then go back to Brighton to see Stacey's mother Jean for the weekend. He again tells her no and that she can't make decisions like that without his consent. The Ahmeds get involved after hearing Stacey and Martin argue; Arshad Ahmed then tells Martin, after being told to back-off, that he won't. He accuses Stacey and Martin of abusing their children, Martin apologises and Stacey goes to pick Lily up from school. All of this is filmed by Hayley. She decides to flirt with Martin. When asked by Stacey who she is, she explains that she is her cousin and that Kat sent her. Martin decides that he has had enough of Stacey and sends an email to a solicitor to get custody of Hope and Arthur, however, he changes his mind and (when round Stacey's house) hacks into her email and tries to delete an email from his solicitor. Stacey catches him and after he explains himself, she calls a solicitor when he leaves. Martin spends time with Hayley and she encourages him to take Hope and Arthur longer than it was agreed with Stacey. Hayley invites Martin, Arthur and Hope to her home and makes them a dinner of nuggets, chips and jelly. She explains that she feeds this to her son, Tyler, all the time and it's fine. However unknown to Martin, Tyler does not exist. She then starts a jelly fight with Martin in front of Arthur and Hope and Arthur laughs . Stacey rings Martin but he ignores her calls, so, she rings the police and they arrive on Hayley's doorstep looking for Martin, Hope and Arthur. Stacey admits to Hayley later that she felt guilty at calling the police because of the look on Arthur's face after it happened, but Hayley reminds her that she shouldn't go soft - Slaters stick together. Stacey's nan Mo then comes down after changing Hope and says you can tell she’s a Slater because of how much and how quickly she’s filled her nappy. Stacey decides to let Martin see the kids after seeing how much they mean to him. Martin is invited back into the house to talk about arrangements for the kids with Stacey. Hayley is mad about this and goes out drinking.

Hayley introduces herself to Martin at his stall on Bridge Street and helps herself to an apple. Later in the café, Hayley distracts Martin when he is looking after his daughter, Hope and Stacey catches Hayley kissing Martin. In Martin's absence, Hayley whispers to Stacey her identity as it was unknown to Stacey that Hayley was in fact her cousin. Martin meets up with Hayley whilst he is looking after Hope and Arthur while Stacey collects Lily up from school. Hayley encourages Martin to keep the children out for longer, disobeying Stacey's instructions. Hayley pretends to defend Martin in front of Stacey when she collects Arthur and Hope with police presence due to Martin not returning them at the time agreed.

Hayley arrives in Walford once more, asking Mo for her share of money from the sale of the SIM cards. When Hayley demands her money, Kat forcibly orders her to leave Walford. It is then noted that Hayley is currently homeless and after spending the night sleeping rough, Stacey's mother Jean invites Hayley indoors where she opens up to Jean about her upbringing and being excluded from the Slater Family. Hayley is barred from The Queen Victoria when Linda Carter finds Hayley slept in the same bed as her husband Mick Carter; it was then revealed Hayley only did this to try and split up Mick and Linda after being paid by Stuart Highway, who used Mick's money to pay her. Whilst Martin is trying to reconcile with Stacey, he discovers that Hayley and Stacey are related and that he was 'set up'. It is later revealed that Hayley is pregnant, despite heavily drinking, but by binding her stomach she is hiding her pregnancy. Hayley befriends an 16 year old homeless girl on the tube, Brianna, who steals money from Hayley that she conned out of a man named Craig, by making him believe she was a prostitute. Brianna notices that Hayley has a baby bump and asks her how far on she is.

The next day, Jean finds Hayley and she tells her that she can move into Stacey's house alongside the rest of the family, like Jean, Stacey, Stacey's cousin Kat Slater, their Nan Mo, Stacey's kids Lily, Arthur and Hope and Lily's auntie Whitney Dean and her sister Tiffany Butcher. A while later in the Queen Vic, Hayley goes to the bathroom and raps a bandage round her stomach so no one will suspect that she is pregnant, however a woman warns her that it is dangerous for the baby, so Hayley stops. Hayley resorts to getting drunk, rather then facing up to her problems.

On the night of the Royal Wedding, after Mo and Kat give Hayley a makeover, Jean passes her an umbrella as Kat and Mo plan to tip water on her. Hayley then goes outside to confront them and they stop. She then heads to a hotel room outside of Walford where it is reveled that Kat's husband Alfie Moon is the father of her unborn child after they had a on night stand. The pair talk and Alfie asks about Kat because Kat's son Tommy (who is the biological son of Alfie's brother Michael Moon) and Kat and Alfie's twin boys Ernie and Bert need to see their mum as Aflie is currently raising them after a fall out with Kat - which has made Kat refuse to even see her boys. Alfie tells Hayley he loves Kat but Hayley tells Alfie she thinks the baby is a girl and she could boss her big brothers around and Hayley will raise them as her own. However Alfie replies by telling Hayley that Kat is the boys' mother, not her. Hayley gets mad and wants to have an abortion but Alfie tells her not to but later changes his mind after Hayley talks him round. Alfie gives her the money and the next day Hayley makes an appointment at the hospital for a termination. Hayley then gets drunk and turns up late to her appointment, which makes them refuse to see her. She then makes a new one but changes her mind after Kat tells her she's a good person really. A few weeks later Hayley is shocked when Stacey announces that her and Martin are back together and he will be moving back into the house. The Slater's then get an even bigger surprise when an envelope is put through the letter box saying Slater's. They all don't know if to open it or not and Hayley tells everyone that she is the only Slater. While pointing to Tiffany, Stacey, Mo and Jean, she arrogantly says "Fowler, Harris, Walters - oh and Buchard" to prove a point that she should open the letter as she is the only Slater in the house. But Tiffany very sarcastically replies to Hayley saying "It's Butcher, actually".

Stacey open's the letter and to their surprise, it is the key's to Charlie Slater's old cab, with a note reading telling them that Charlies friend had the cab and he promised Charlie that when he retired he had to give the cab to the Slater's. Hayley tells Stacey she can fix it but she doesn't believe her so Hayley goes to see fellow mechanic Keanu Taylor where she asks if there is any jobs, however she didn't really want a job and was just trying to destract him while she stole some tools to fix her Uncle Charlie's cab. Later on she uses Tiffany's laptop so she can go online and see if anyone is interested in buying the cab. Tiffany spots her and this causes them to argue. Stacey pulls the pair apart but Tiffany goes to slap Hayley which causes another fight to break out. Stacey pulls them apart once again and while Tiffany's back is turned, Hayley eats her piece toast - which makes Tiffany mad. Since the Slater Family house is a bit over crowded, Martin gets annoyed with everyone. He then gets ready to go in the shower but realizes Tiffany is in. When Martin asks her is she is done, she replies "in washing my hair". Martin then comes down stairs and Tiffany comes out the shower, just as Mo runs up the stairs to use the bathroom. When the Bathroom is finally free, Martin goes in the shower but is disturbed when Jean walks in. She then runs down stairs and Martin goes after her. Jean runs into the kitchen where everyone is and Martin explains what has just happened. Tiffany laughs, as does everyone but Jean says "To be fair Martin, I didn't see much". Everyone laughs again and Kat replies "Poor Stacey". Martin goes to turn away and Kat pulls down his towel, which is covering his body. Everyone screams and Tiffany covers her eyes but Stacey grabs the cloth and puts it over Tiffany's eyes. Martin goes up stairs to resume his shower and get ready. When he comes down stairs into the Kitchen he spots Lily on Tiffany's ipad and tells her she should play outside and get some air in her lungs because she looks pasty. A few minutes later, Lily comes downstairs tanned as Tiffany covered her in fake tan because Martin said she looked pasty. Martin then promises to take Lily to the pictures after he is been to work but later gets robbed. Lily over hears Martin talking to the rest of the family about it and decides to make her own movie, with the help of Hayley handing out the 'tickets'.

Jean then begins to take Hope, Lily and Arthur to church, hoping to convince Lily to get christened. However once Jean confronts Stacey about this, Stacey disagrees. Jean then decides to see Martin and Kush to see how they would feel about having the children christened. She asks Kush if he would like to see Arthur christened but Kush replies saying that he is a Muslim. Jean then asks Martin but he says that he isn't really religious and doesn't know how Stacey would feel about having Hope christened. Jean then mentions it to Stacey about having Lily christened and when Stacey asks Lily about this, she says she doesn't want to have one. Martin then begins to see how much a christening would mean to Jean after Jean confides in him that it would be the perfect idea for a big family gathering. Martin agrees as long as Jean manages to talk Stacey round. However Stacey tells her that she has three kids and she ain't treating one different from the rest butt Jean talks her round and eventually, Stacey agrees. Jean shows Stacey the dress she wore for her christening and she smiles. On the day of Hope's christening, Martin is drunk after a lads night out for his birthday with Kush and Robbie. The start of the day turns out to be a disaster when no body can find Hope's christening dress. Stacey picks Kat as hopes godmother and Martin picks Robbie as her godfather. Kat then goes a wall and tries to phone her husband Alfie so she can talk to her kids. Hayley then discovers that Hope's christening dress is inside the towel on her head and takes it to the church. With Kat being missing, Stacey needs to decide on a godmother for Hope and suggests Mo but Martin says her doesn't want Mo to be a godmother to his daughter and everybody laughs. Tiffany then says she will do it but her cousin Bex Fowler says she is to young. The vicar then says that these decisions can not be rushed just as Hayley walks in the room. Hayley is then forced to get Hope changed into her christening dress and Jean talks her round into becoming Hope's godmother. Hope is about to be christened when Kat walks in the room. Hayley then hands over Hope to Kat and walks off. Jean then goes after her and Hayley confides in her that she is pregnant. After that Hayley walks out the house and gets drunk - once again.

Jean then starts buying clothes for the baby, which gets Hayley mad as she doesn't want anyone finding out about her pregnancy. Soon, they agree to tell the whole family about the news. Hayley becomes friends with Kim Fox-Hubbard after they start going to mother and baby classes together. Stacey tells Hayley she can have Hope's old baby clothes, pram and Moses basket. Later Hayley's mother Bev Slater arrives on the square, promising Hayley that she is a changed woman and she came to see her because she found out she was pregnant. At first Hayley is very optimistic and mad to find her mother in the square. Soon Hayley asks her mother to prove she has changes and the pair go shopping together. After the shopping trip, they go to along to E20, only for Hayley to find out that her mothers intentions were to con money off the baby's dad. The pair cat fight and Hayley is just about to through a glass in Bev's face. However they are both thrown out by Billy Mitchell. Bev tells Hayley that she is just like her and the baby is going to end up just like Hayley. Bev then calls for a taxi and Hayley starts to bleed, but Bev smiles and says that Hayley should of got rid of the baby while she had the chance. She smiles and asks the taxi driver to pull away as Hayley sits crying for her mum in the middle of the street. Hayley then goes into town and gets drunk.

In October, Jean sends Hayley to go shopping and get everything she needs for when the baby arrives. Hayley becomes stressed in Honey Mitchell's shop when she cant figure out what size nappies to buy the baby. Honey tries to calm Hayley down just as Mariam Ahmed walks in. She tells Hayley to go home with her and they chat. Mariam asks Hayley to look after her foster child Harley, while she finishes cooking. Hayley does this and stops him from crying. Hayley then walks into the living room and spots some pictures of lot of children, whom Mariam and her partner Arshad have fostered in the past. Hayley spots this one child who suffers from deformations due to his mother drinking while she was pregnant. Hayley tells Mariam how her and her mates used to make fun of this girl at school because she looked like that. Then Hayley becomes upset that her baby might have this as she drinks all the time during her pregnancy. She runs off home and confronts Jean about it. Jean tells Hayley that she isn't always drunk... well most of the time.

The next day, Hayley decides to go out and buy some vodka. She sees Keanu looking miserable and tells him that the will be miserable together. They sit in the park and Hayley tells him all about how her mum would go out for days and just leave her on her own without food and not even caring if she went to school or not. Keanu tries to reassure Hayley shat she is nothing like her mum. Hayley then gets out the vodka and dis about to drink it, just as Keanu grabs is and stops her and Hayley leans in for a kiss but Keanu pulls away, saying he has his own problems. He tells Hayley about his sister Bernie, who lost her baby (whom was named Belle). Hayley tells Keanu that his sister was lucky as she had family around her and a brother who loved her. Hayley continues saying that she has nothing and no one loves her but Keanu puts her straight and tells her to go home. After a while he goes to her house to make sure she got there safe but no one had seen her. Jean then says she knows where Hayley is and her and Kat go to Bev's old flat looking for Hayley as that is where she was brought up. They spot her sitting on the edge of the balcony with earphone's in. Jean tells Kat she remembers which flore it was so they go up. Kat assumes Hayley is just relaxing sitting on the edge but soon realizes that Hayley is about to commit suicide. Hayley continues to sit on the edge listening to music and drinking her vodka. She tells her to stop being selfish and to get down but she doesn't listen and tells Kat she will really do it, just as she stands up with her arms out. Kat screams for Hayley to get back down, and she does - telling Kat that if she knew the truth she would want her to do it. Jean intervenes and Hayley drops her vodka to ground, watching it smash into a million pieces. After a long time of trying, Jean eventually convinces Hayley to get down. The next day a social worker arrives to speak to Hayley and tells her that she was brought up in care and just wants to help people. Hayley then tells her that she canceled her abortion appointment and actually wanted to keep the baby. After the social worker leaves, Jean walks in and Hayley automatically blames her for calling social services. Jean denies it, just as Stacey and Kat walks in and Kat admits it was her not Jean. Hayley apologises to Jean and goes upstairs to pack her things to leave. Kat tells Stacey she was so close to jumping and needs help.

On the 29th October 2018, Hayley tries to make herself go into labour as she wants the baby to hurry up and be born. Originally, Hayley wants the baby to be put into care as she believes she is like her mother who left Hayley all on her own for long periods of time at a young age. Hayley tries to eat some spicy food which Mariam gives her but the baby kicks and she does not go into labour. She then decides to take a long walk through the square but that doesn't help other. She is then spotted by Karen Taylor, Keanu's mother who tells Hayley she should have sex and that makes you go into labour. Hayley then then calls round Keanu asking him to have sex with her. At first Keanu is unsure about it and thinks it would not be right. Eventually, Keanu agrees but tells Hayley that he is sweaty as he has just been for a run. He goes for a shower just as Kat, Jean and Mo walk in the house. Hayley manages to get rid of them and tells Keanu that it was a bad idea. Soon, Hayley's waters break and she decides to take herself to the hospital without telling anyone. Hayley begins to have contractions. Ian Beale asks for a lift to his meeting but Hayley screams at him and drops him off at the tube station just before her telling him that if he doesn't get out, he will be delivering her baby. Hayley begins bleeding but people think its a Halloween prank. not believing her. Hayley then decides to walk into an old house where there are some teenagers who run away from her, also thinking its a prank. After being in labour for hours, Hayley eventually gives birth to a baby girl early hours in the morning on the 30th October. However the baby doesn't cry and Hayley sits cradling her as she lies there covered in blood, begging her child to breath. Soon, Kat realizes there is a pool of water in the house and realizes that Hayley's waters must have broke. Keanu then comes rushing to find the Slater's and tell them that Hayley left him a message on her phone staying she was in labour. Kat goes looking for her but soon finds that she took the taxi. After looking for a while, Kat hears the baby cry. They follow the cry and find Hayley and the baby, with Hayley lying there on conscious as her placenta has not yet came out. They phone the ambulance who rush them both to hospital as Keanu holds the baby in his arms.

When Hayley and the baby arrive at the hospital, Jean tells the doctor that Hayley has been drunk multiple times during her pregnancy and asks if that could effect the baby but the doctor tells her its too early to tell. Once Hayley has woken up, she is horrified to find Kat holding the baby, with Mo saying she is a proper Slater because she's so beautiful and immediately tells them both to leave and to put the baby down as Hayley feels guilty Kat is holding her husband's daughter, unknown to Alfie that Hayley had kept the baby instead of having an abortion, which he gave her the money for. Kat then starts to look through some old pictures of Alfie and the boys, telling Mo that they need their mum. The social worker then visits Hayley at the hospital asking her how both herself and the baby are doing, but Hayley screams at her to get out as they are doing fine. Hayley tells the doctors she doesn't want anymore visitors just as Keanu walks in, which cheers Hayley up. He gives her a 'baby girl' balloon for the baby and kisses her head as he tells her well done. As he is about to go home, Hayley stops Keanu and asks him to stay with her. He does this but during the night, Hayley sneaks out the hospital with the baby, thinking Kat will learn Alfie is the father and take revenge on Hayley by making sure the baby gets took of her. Hayley then leaves her baby on the door step of Mariam and Arshad, with a note asking them to look after the baby. Hayley then goes to see her mother who tells Hayley she did the right thing. Kat, Mo, Stacey and Jean worry frantic about Hayley and the baby, thinking she has done a runner. Mariam tells Arshad not to call social services as they will take the baby away and Hayley trusted them to look after her.

The next day, while giving the baby her bottle, Mariam and Arshad's nephew Masood burps the baby and notices she is vomiting blood. Mariam tells them that sometimes babies swallow blood at birth and its nothing to worry about but the immediately call Hayley and rush her to hospital just incase. The name Baby Slater is called and Hayley and her mother Bev arrives there just in time. Mariam can tell she's drinking but tries to be calm for the baby's sake. Meanwhile while sitting in the café, Kat notices Masood carrying nappy's and asks him who they are for. He quickly runs away but Kat catches up and forces him to tell her the truth. Kat immediately rushes to the hospital and cries and begs Hayley to come home with them. Kat tells Hayley that the best for her baby is not with Bev but Hayley apologizes and goes home with Bev and the baby, leaving Kat crying in the middle of the hospital. While at Bev's house, Hayley tries to hold and feed her baby but she does it all wrong. Bev tries to teach her but while feeding the baby, Hayley leaves the lid off the formula and it goes all dry. They have no money to but anymore, therefore Bev suggests breastfeeding to Hayley as the baby cant go hungry. Hayley tries this but it doesn't work. While Hayley holds the baby, Bev shows her a picture of her when she was a baby, the name says Rose and Bev explains that Hayley was named Rose for the first five days of her life, but she decided to change it as it was two much of a nice name for a screaming baby. Hayley looks at her baby and Bev tells her that its not a bad name for her baby. Once the baby had gone to sleep, Hayley tells Bev she cant do it. Bev tells her that she's right and says that they will find a nice family for the baby and might even make some cash out of it.

Hayley texts Jean telling her to come to the flat when Bev is out, which both Kath and Bev overhear. Whilst Bev goes to stop Jean and the tube, Kat goes back to Bev's flat and tries to convince Hayley to come home. After some questions, Kat figures out that Bev is trying to sell Hayley's baby - and Hayley agrees with it. Hayley argues that she's not abandoning her, but trying to give her baby a better life. Bev returns home and is surprised to see Kat. Kat confronts her over selling the baby. They argue; Bev arguing she's doing this for the sake of Hayley, Kat arguing that she's just trying to make a few quid. Hayley leaves and takes the baby with her, tired of the arguing. Bev tries to convince Kat that this is best - offering to give her £20,000 of the £100,000 that the couple is preparing to pay. When asking how much Hayley will get out of it, Bev says she cannot be trusted with money but will give her money for a flat and plans to support her. Kat asks for £40,000, but Bev says that the maximum she can have is £30,000. Hayley returns to the flat where Bev explains that Kat agrees with the plan. Kat, however, tells Hayley the truth - that Bev doesn't know this couple, is selling her baby online to stranger, and all she cares about is 'the money she's going to split with me if I tell you it's a good idea.' Bev tries to lie to Hayley and convince her that Kat is lying, but Kat then tells Hayley that she was offered £30,000, so Bev is probably getting double that. Hayley decides to leave, confronting Bev and tells her what she thinks of her. Bev tells her that it would be better to sell the baby to some criminals than have her bring her up. Kat picks up Hayley's bags and leads the way out, Hayley follows bringing the baby with her. Bev tells Hayley that she's going straight to hell, Hayley turns to look at her and tells her, "I've already been there.", before slaming the door in her face.

The next morning at breakfast, (16th November 2018) Jean apologises to Hayley for not coming to her when she needed help. She then tells Whitney Dean off for trying to take Hayley's cup of tea. Stacey then asks Hayley if she's going to register the birth, and Mo Harris asks if she's going to put down the father's name. She goes on to say, "Keanu, ain't it? At least you'll get your child support." Stacey and Jean then tell Mo off for bringing up the subject. Hayley asks Kat why the baby stinks so much, even though she hasn't eaten - making Kat laugh. She also explains her fears about breaking her if she touches her. Hayley thanks Kat for her help, Kat tells her she would've felt differently if Bev had offered half. Hayley asks Kat if she wants to hold the baby, which she declines. Later, Jean moans at Stacey and Martin that Hayley doesn't have to tell them the father if she doesn't want to (not that Martin and Stacey are fussed, they are busier arguing about Max Branning staying longer than one night and Ruby Allen moving in). The next day, Hayley sarcastically apologies to Mo for the baby crying. Stacey asks why she smells of cabbage, and Hayley explains that Mo told her cabbage leaves would stop her boobs from breastfeeding. Stacey then explains to her that that dries up all the milk, so you have to put the leaves on after - not before, which is probably why it hurts more. Hayley then takes the leaves out of her bra and throws them at Mo, much to the horror of Martin. Kat comes down on the phone and wakes the baby. Hayley has a go at her, mentioning that it'll work her up for when the social worker visits. Kat then comforts the baby. Hayley comes back and asks Kat if she's the "baby whisperer." When she asks about the social worker, Hayley answers Kat by telling her she's going to cancel as she has an appointment looking at nursery places. Kat tells her she can't, as the baby isn't a month old yet. Hayley asks for her baby back, and Kat tells her there's nothing to be afraid of regarding the social worker, and she can't keep running away. Kat offers to be there for her in the interview, and when Hayley leaves, she cancels meeting up with Alfie Moon. When the social worker, Hilary Taylor, turns up Kat shows her in and compliments her coat. Hilary tells Hayley it's good to see her again and compliments her coat when Kat tells her to. Kat then ignores a call from Alfie and apologies for the interruption. Hilary asks Hayley how she's coping, to which she answers, "vodka." She then explains that that is what she wants to hear so she can take her baby away. Kat then answers against this and tells her that since the baby has been born, she hasn't touched a drop of alcohol. Alfie tries ringing Kat again but she ignores him. Hayley is then asked what stops her drinking? To which she answers by saying her family does, because they help and teach her things - making it easier for her. She goes on to say she realises she has messed up but she deserves a second chance. She asks Hilary if she wants to hold the baby, to which she says she would love to. Kat's phone rings again, and Hayley tells Kat (after a bit of persuation) that it's fine now and that she's got it under control. Kat then leaves.

On Monday 19th November 2018, Kat walks in and watches Jean sing to the baby in French. Kat asks if Hayley is awake yet, to which Jean says she wanted to let Hayley sleep. Jean then leaves to go to the toilet and asks Kat to watch her, to which Kat then tells the baby, "Well, I ain't singing." She then tells her that Hayley doesn't know how lucky she is. Later, Hayley comes downstairs and asks how long she was asleep for. She then comments that Ruby is lucky for having a whole flat to herself.

On Monday 26th November 2018, Kat comes downstairs to find Hayley breastfeeding the baby. Later Hayley comments to Kat that she doesn't understand how Kat can keep studying the road maps and tells her to have a break. Kat answers that she's already behind and should've left half an hour ago. Kat comments on how well she's doing with the feeding. Kat brings up Hayley's birthday, and the fact it's tomorrow. Hayley asks if Jean told her and Kat answers by offering to throw her a party; Hayley says that if there is a party she'll do another runner. Kat kisses the baby and leaves. Hayley comments that Charlie Slater would have been proud of Kat.

On December 25th 2018, the truth gets our about Cherry being Alfie's daughter after Kat opens Alfie's Christmas present from Hayley and its a lock of Cherry's hair. Kat goes ballistic and decides to get drunk. Alfie is pushed down the stairs by Hayley after he tries to attack Kat. He is believed to be dead, however he is later revelead to be alive and has kidnapped Cherry. He asks Phil Mitchell to provide him with fake passports; Phil does this however tells Alfie to think twice about his actions.

On New Year's Eve, Alfie makes a video call to Hayley showing that Cherry was safe and well and said he would return soon, before hanging up. Kat convinces Alfie to return with Cherry which he does. After realising that Hayley is not coping, Kat suggests that she and Alfie look after Cherry. After she attempts suicide by stepping out in front of a minibus driven by Keanu, she tries to stab herself with a screwdriver and is then admitted to a psychiatric hospital. She later flees from the hospital, leaving only a note saying sorry to Kat.

Behind the scenes

On 22 December 2017, executive consultant John Yorke announced a new member of the Slater family would be introduced into EastEnders among the returning Slaters, to "sort Stacey out" after her big 2018 storyline. Hayley's connection to the Slater family was not immediately revealed upon the character's debut, but it was announced that she would be involved in "a brand new mystery" for Martin. Duncan Lindsey, writing for the Metro, suggested that Hayley could be connected to the Slater family, either helping Stacey fight against her estranged husband Martin or a new family member. The reporter also suggested that Hayley could be acquainted with Martin's former stalker, Sarah Cairns (Alison Pargeter). It was reported that Hayley would not be friends with Martin, who will have to "watch his back" throughout his custody battle with Stacey. The character was revealed as Stacey's cousin in her third episode. Of her casting, Jarvis said that she is "really excited to join a team of such lovely, talented people and become part of such an iconic show" and loves being a part of the Slater family, commenting that it is "going to be so much fun and I cannot wait to see what’s in store for Hayley.”

Attempted Murder Victims

1. Alfie Moon (December 2018) - Pushed him down the stairs in the defence of Kat Slater.


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