Hassan Osman made his first appearance 19 February 1985. He is portrayed by Michael Evangelou.


Hassan was the first son of Ali and Sue Osman. Hassan died in his sleep of cot death on 20th June 1985; no official causes of death were given. Sue was left in a state of shock after her son's death. She remained in a trance-like state for weeks, refusing to eat, sleep, cry or acknowledge her grief. She left the cafe in a tip, and did not cook customers food properly. She later began to blame herself unfairly for her son's sudden and unexplainable death.

Her mental health continued to deteriorate, and she became depressed towards Ali, and their marriage disintegrated in a welter of depression. Sue eventually managed to come to terms with Hassan's death with the help of Harold Legg, who took the desperate measure of placing Mary Smith's baby, Annie, in her lap, finally allowing her to acknowledge her pent-up sadness.

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Hassan was a regular uncredited character. However, in Episode 35, his appearance was credited and this would be the only appearance of his to do so.

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