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Harold "Harry" Slater is the son of Frederick and Mary Slater and brother of Charlie Slater. In 1983, Harry raped his 13-year-old niece Kat Slater and she fell pregnant. In February 1984, Kat gave birth to twins - Zoe and Luke Slater.


Harry Slater was born in January 1946, conceived by parents Frederick and Mary. He became the younger brother of his older sibling Charlie Slater. As the years went on, Harry became a successful bar owner.

At somepoint in the early 1980s, Harry started grooming his niece Kat Slater when she was just a child. By the time Kat had turned 13 years old, Harry's grooming turned to sexual abuse when he raped Kat; this resulted in her becoming pregnant with his child, who would consequently become the product of incest rape because Harry had sexually abused Kat beforehand. In February 1984, Kat gave birth to a daughter, Zoe Slater. Then minutes later she gave birth to another baby (a boy), unexpectedly. Kat was lied to by her mother, Viv Slater, and got told it was just the afterbirth. Viv knew that Kat had been raped by her uncle, but kept quiet about it. Together, Viv and Kat’s nan Mo Harris named the baby ‘Luke Slater’ and secretly put him up for adoption - as Viv feared that Luke would turn out like his father in the future. They decided to keep Zoe, as she was born first and thought it was the right thing to do. Kat's father, Charlie, was unaware of who Zoe's father was and so made the decision to raise her with Viv as their own daughter; with Kat taking on the role of Zoe's sister in the process. Soon after the incident, Harry moved to Spain and didn't appear until the death of his sister Violet, in 1988. After Violet's funeral, Harry quickly returned to Spain.


Harry arrives in Walford on the 3 May 2001 to visit Charlie and his family. Harry quickly falls in love with Peggy Mitchell, the owner of The Queen Victoria public house, and starts a relationship with her; they soon get engaged and make plans to marry and emigrate to Spain, where Harry lives. Soon afterwards, Zoe announces to her family that she is leaving Walford to live with Harry, in Spain (unaware that he is her father). Kat is furious at the announcement, refusing to let Zoe leave.

Zoe storms out the restaurant, saying she's leaving and Kat follows after her. The two argue and Kat shouts that she is her biological mother, not Viv. When Zoe demands Kat to tell her who her real father is, she’s shocked when she reveals that it’s her ‘uncle’ Harry. Thereafter Charlie confronts the two over their argument, and - despite Kat's protests - Zoe tells Charlie everything. Charlie, horrified by the revelation, demands Kat to tell him "IS IT TRUE!!!"; Kat thereafter replies "yes" in tears. Charlie thereafter goes straight back to the pub and attacks Harry, punching him repeatedly until the punters restrain him. Charlie threatens Harry to leave Walford, telling him to never return again otherwise he will murder him. Charlie also tells him that he is to end his engagement with Peggy and does so by writing her a letter. He arrives at the Slaters' saying he is ashamed of his actions and that it's ruined his life. He admits that Viv told him to leave, revealing the reason he went to Spain, suddenly a couple of weeks after it happened. He goes to shake Charlie's hand to say goodbye but Charlie, disgusted by him, spits in his face calling him a monster.

Not long afterwards, Kat sees Harry and confronts him. Harry says that she must hate it, but Kat denies this before calling Harry a "fat old perv". Kat then reveals Harry he got her pregnant and that Zoe is the child, before telling him that she told Zoe the truth about what he did - and Zoe hates him for it. Harry calls Kat a bitch and leaves in a taxi. Kat attempts suicide but is found in the park by Zoe and is rushed to hospital.

The following year, Charlie receives news that Harry has died from a heart attack. Harry leaves Zoe £18,000 in his will, but when Zoe sees how much the idea of taking anything from Harry is upsetting Kat, she burns the cheque saying she doesn't need his money.

Victim count[]

Rape victims[]

  1. Kat Slater - (Prior to May 1983, Revealed on 2 October 2001) - Raped and sexually abused her when she was thirteen years old, which resulted in her getting pregnant.


Harry didn’t know he also had a son, as Kat didn’t know either, making them both believe Zoe was their only child together.


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