Harley made his first appearance on 19 March 2018 and he is the son of Bijan and Chloe as well as the foster son of Mariam and Arshad Ahmed.


Mariam Ahmed and Arshad Ahmed are the foster parents of baby Harley. They had been fostering for years and they had recently been fostering a little girl named Daisy who got adopted. While taking Harley out for walks, the Ahmeds got comments about how beautiful Harley is. Mariam, Arshad couldn't manage to settle Harley and while walking down to street, there was loud rave music playing and Karen Taylor apologise to Arshad and told her son Keegan Baker to turn it off which made Harley start to cry again so Keegan turned the music back up, Harley went to sleep. The next day Kat Slater told Arshad that Harley was beautiful and Harley began to play with Kat's earings therefore Kat made him some.

Arshad then took Harley shopping where Tiffany Butcher took a selfie with him and posted it on Social media for everyone to see - this led to Harley's biological parents Bijan and Chloe to see it and they snatched Harley from his bed after Bernie Taylor pointed out which house the Ahmeds lived in. Kat, her cousin Stacey Slater and their nan Mo helped look for Harley while police surrounded the area. Bijan demanded garage worker Keanu Taylor to fix their car but he told then that it was broke so they ran out into heaps of police vehicles everywhere and into Maximum Motors which is owned by Max Branning. Bijan demanded to have a car and Max gave him the keys to one. Max's wife Rainie Branning managed to talk round Chloe by telling her that this is not what's best for Harley and that she should just return him with his foster parents. Chloe handed Harley to Rainie and got in the car with Bijan who hit her but then drove away. Max and Rainie then gave Harley to a police officer who handed him back to an emotional Arshad who was praying that the baby would be found. Arshad held Harley and genteelly kissed him. Arshad then went to see Max and Rainie to tell then that if thare was anything they needed, they only had to say. As Rainie was so good with Harley, Max took her to meet his granddaughter baby Abi Branning.

After a while Harley went back home to live with his mother.


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