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Gray Atkins is the father of Mia and Mackenzie Atkins. He was also the husband of the late Chantelle Atkins. He made his first appearance on 29 March 2019.


Gray's dad was very strict; his mum called it high standards. He left when Gray was very young. When Gray was playing with an old wooden toy, his dad came home one night after work, he took the toy off Gray and smashed it to pieces.

The first time Gray saw Chantelle Baker was when he drove past and splashed her with a puddle.

Gray is the husband of Chantelle Atkins and the father of Mia Atkins and Mackenzie Atkins. He first appears on the 29th March 2019, when his wife is cutting hair in Denise and Kim's salon competing against her dad. He pretends to be a customer and gives her a large tip, helping her win the competition before later revealing himself to be her husband.

On 12th April 2019, he surprises Chantelle with keys to a house on the square, and they move into 1 Albert Square with their children, Mia Atkins and Mackenzie Atkins. While Gray is seen to have a soft spot for Keegan and Karen, Gray has a very dark side to him; his abuse. Throughout the summer of 2019, Gray is seen multiple times, punching and beating Chantelle, his wife.

On the 13th of September, Gray beats Chantelle again after she comes home late after a hairdressing competition, in which she suddenly left in the middle of the event, leaving Denise, Mitch and the others from the hair salon puzzled and worried. Once Chantelle arrives home, she sees Gray, alone, drunk. Gray shouts at her saying their dinner, which they planned for the night, is ruined. After shouting at Chantelle, she decided she wants to go to her mother's house to stay away from any possible abuse. However, while attempting to leave, Gray punches her from behind, making her fall to the ground near the door. When Gray was about to hit her the second time, Chantelle shouts to him that she's pregnant. Almost as if Gray completely forgot himself hitting Chantelle, he hugs her and tells her that it is brilliant news and acts happy about the situation. Chantelle is seen as being terrified.

Not long after, Gray and Chantelle talk about his abuse. Gray tries to convince Chantelle that he wants help.

While in the kitchen, Chantelle accidentally cuts her wrist with a glass, and Gray takes her to the hospital immediately. When the nurse checked up on her arm and asks her to take her clothes off, she notices several bruises. Her doctor knows already that she is suffering abuse. However, when she questions Chantelle on what has been happening with her and her husband, Chantelle vehemently denies any abuse. Her doctor gives her a fake lip balm which contains a domestic abuse number and other resources. Chantelle still refuses to take it, but Gray comes in suddenly, and Chantelle quickly put it in her pocket.

Once they arrive home, Chantelle accidentally drops the lip balm. Gray notices she dropped something and is furious because he has seen these before.

Chantelle finally convinces Gray to get some help with his anger problems. After coming back, he tells her how he is struggling and can't do it, though he understands that he needs to change. However, it is unknown whether he did go to the appointment that day, or he is lying and doesn't go to it at all.

Chantelle and Gray finally go to an appointment together where Gray reveals that his father abused him as a child who also abused his mother. He also admits to his counsellor that he takes his anger out on Chantelle a lot, however heartbroken by this reveal, Chantelle stops the appointment and takes Gray home to where she tells him she wants to renew their weddings vows.

Chantelle later decides to confront Gray on his treatment of her, realising that she has been being abused. Gray becomes angry and pushes Chantelle - she lands on an open dishwasher and is impaled by a knife, killing her.

In December 2020, Tina Carter had an altercation with Ian Beale where she forced entry into his house and assaulted him. Tina pushed him into a table and left Ian unconscious in the house. Ian Beale was later found unconscious in the Queen Victoria pub with a head wound. Tina was arrested on suspicion of the crime and explains to the police that although she had assaulted Ian, she did not attack him in the Queen Victoria pub and that a pizza delivery worker had seen her. Gray, acting as her lawyer, finds the pizza delivery worker with the hopes of having him corroborate her story. Gray finds the worker, however after hearing that Tina had been spreading rumours that he had been abusing and murdered his wife Chantelle Baker, he paid the worker to falsely state that he had seen Tina leaving the Queen Victoria pub on the night of the attack. A police inspector later latterly told Gray that the witness was found to be unreliable, however Gray, in an attempt to have Tina leave the Square, told her that he was told the story checks out and that she needs to leave Walford. Tina is later told by the same police inspector that the witness was in fact found to be unreliable, so Tina confronts Gray with her suspicions about his treatment of Chantelle. They have an altercation and Gray strangles Tina to death.

Kill Count

1. Chantelle Atkins (18 September 2020) - Pushed onto dishwater rack, impaled on knife.

2. Tina Carter (28 December 2020) Strangled to death with bare hands.

3. Kush Kazemi (19 April 2021) Pushed in front of oncoming train.

Total: 3

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