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DI Graeme McKay made his first appearance on 19 July 2016. He is portrayed by James Weber Brown.


Graeme is a police officer investigating the murder of Paul Coker. He is forced to apologize to Ian Beale and Phil Mitchell for wrongly identifying Ian's half-brother and Phil's son Ben as the victim. Ian tells McKay that Paul was Ben's boyfriend. McKay explains that they need to find Ben as he is a witness to the crime. He tells Phil to go home and wait for Ben to return.

After Ben gives a statement to the police, claiming that the attack was a random mugging, McKay and DC Angie Rice visit him at home and question him further. Ben does not change his statement and gets angry when McKay asks why Ben did not reveal that he and Paul were in a relationship, telling McKay that he did not think it was relevant.

List of appearances[]


  1. 19 July 2016
  2. 21 July 2017


  1. 18 August 2017