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Gordon Branning was an unseen character in EastEnders and the nephew of Jim Branning. He was mentioned a few times in 1996.



|Father = Unknown Branning

Grandfathers Mr Branning

Grandmothers Mrs Branning

Great grandfathers James William Branning

Uncles Jim Branning

First Cousins: Derek Branning, April Branning, Carol Jackson, Suzy Branning, Max Branning, Jack Branning

Other relatives: Bianca Butcher, Robbie Jackson, Sonia Fowler, Billie Jackson, Bradley Branning, Lauren Branning, Abi Branning, Oscar Branning, Penny Branning, Amy Mitchell, Richard Mitchell, James Branning, Joey Branning, Alice Branning, Kevin, Rebecca, Natasha Butcher, Liam Butcher, Rebecca Fowler, Whitney Dean (adoptive), Tiffany Butcher, Morgan Butcher, Sami Jackson, Louie Beale

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