Gina Williams is the daughter of Tom and Bev Williams, sister of Cindy and aunt of Steven, Peter, Lucy and Cindy Jr.


Gina first appears for Cindy’s funeral. She refuses to let Cindy's former husband Ian have custody of Cindy's newborn daughter, Cindy Jnr, whose father is Nick Holland. Gina and Ian later reminisce about Cindy and kiss. She then reveals that she cannot have children, and Ian decides to let her care for Cindy Jnr. Ian later visits Gina to see the eclipse in 1999, and she nearly kisses him again, but is interrupted by Melanie Healy, who later proposes to Ian.

Gina is seen again in September 2007. Ian visits her as he suspects that she has been harassing him by pretending to be his deceased wife Cindy and sending malicious emails and packages. He enters her house without permission and is shocked to see that Gina has made a shrine to Cindy on her living-room wall. Gina greets Ian from behind a shotgun, but she then assures him that both she and her dead sister have put the past behind them. Ian is concerned when Gina says she regularly "converses with" her dead sister, who had even told her to expect Ian's visit. Ian accuses Gina of stalking him and isn't convinced when she denies responsibility. He advises her to seek professional help. He is later kidnapped by the real stalker: Cindy's eldest, Steven. Ian's wife Jane becomes frantic, and when Gina arrives in Walford to give Ian a photo of Cindy Jnr, Jane accuses Gina of terrorising Ian and they nearly come to blows.

Gina returned to the show on 25 April 2014, after Ian calls her to come to Walford and collect Cindy Jnr, following the death of Gina's niece Lucy Beale. Cindy returns in August 2014, heavily pregnant and in labour. She tells Ian that Gina was planning to adopt the baby herself, and after giving birth to a baby girl, Cindy remains in the care of Ian and Peter Beale.


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