Gillian Wright, (born Gillian Hambidge; 5 May 1960) is an English actress who is best known for portraying the role of Jean Slater in EastEnders. She is a graduate in Drama, English and Dance and was a teacher and theatre director before occupying acting roles. She was originally only signed for one episode on EastEnders in December 2004, but bosses brought her back into the show a year later for four more episodes. She then guest starred on and off until her character finally moved into Albert Square in November 2007. In 2006 she collected a Mental Health Media award for her portrayal of Jean Slater, a bipolar disorder sufferer. Her departure from the show was announced in 2010, along with her on-screen daughter Stacey Branning, played by Lacey Turner but it was later confirmed that she will be returning in Spring 2011. In November 2017 it was confirmed that Wright would be returning in January 2018 alongside Kat, Mo & a new Slater.

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