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Gill Fowler (née Robinson) made her first appearance on 28 May 1991. She was portrayed by Susanna Dawson.


Gill Robinson met Mark in Newcastle during 1989 and they lived together until 1990 when Gill tested positive for HIV and moved to London. Mark discovered that he was HIV positive as well and returned to Walford.


In 1991, Gill was diagnosed as having AIDS and visits Mark to ask if he has been tested for HIV. At first Mark denies that he has the virus but later admits to her that he is HIV positive. They are never certain which of them had contracted the virus first.

They soon rekindle their relationship and marry on 23 June 1992, but Gill dies in a hospice the following day.

List of appearances[]

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Appeared in 5/105 episodes


Appeared in 24/106 episodes