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Gidea Thompson made her first appearance on 18 May 1993. She is portrayed by Siân Martin.


Gidea was the daughter of Elizabeth Thompson and was born in Trinidad. Elizabeth's father was Jules Tavernier, who briefly dated Elizabeth's mother, then abandoned her.


Gidea arrives in Walford in May 1993 to see that Tavernier family, who are family friends of Gidea's mother. Gidea is as yet unaware that Jules is her grandfather. Jules is still unaware of this but seems to be familiar with Gidea's mother when he hears her mother was called Elizabeth. Jules realises he is Elizabeth's father as he dated Elizabeth's mother then left her when she got pregnant. Jules tells the family about Gidea, and they think she is trying to con them by claiming to be a relative. Gidea starts dating her half cousin Clyde Tavernier. Jules is skeptical. Jules tells Gidea that he is her biological grandfather. Gidea is angry. In the end, Gidea and Clyde carry on dating, and in July 1993, Clyde gets a temporary job in Trinidad, and they left Walford.

In August 1993, Jules is told that Clyde is staying out in Trinidad with Gidea.

List of appearances[]


  1. 18 May 1993
  2. 20 May 1993
  3. 25 May 1993
  4. 27 May 1993
  5. 1 June 1993
  6. 3 June 1993
  7. 10 June 1993
  8. 17 June 1993
  9. 22 June 1993
  10. 24 June 1993
  11. 29 June 1993
  12. 1 July 1993
  13. 6 July 1993
  14. 8 July 1993
  15. 13 July 1993
  16. 15 July 1993
  17. 20 July 1993
  18. 22 July 1993