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Gianni DiMarco made his first appearance 29 January 1998. He was played by Marc Bannerman.


Gianni di Marco is the hot headed brother of Beppe, Teresa and Nicky Di Marco.



Gianni arrives in Walford along with the rest of the Di Marco Family in 1998. Gianni is the younger of the two brothers in the family, the other being Beppe. He has two younger sisters Teresa di Marco and Nicky. Gianni works as a chef in the family restaurant, Giuseppe's, named after his late father. He later becomes the manager of the restaurant.

He has a relationship with Annie Palmer, which is stopped when there are doubts over whether Gianni's real father is actually Annie's father George. DNA tests prove Gianni really is a di Marco, but his relationship with Annie doesn't continue. He then has a relationship with Jackie Owen, but discovers that she suffers from severe PMT, and this makes their relationship more and more difficult when Gianni has to put up with Jackie's violent temper and foul moods. Eventually, Jackie leaves Walford with her brother Steve Owen and her relationship with Gianni is over.

Gianni also has a brief affair with Louise Raymond but it isn't anything more than a casual fling. Like his brother Beppe, he has run-ins with Grant and Phil Mitchell as the two groups of brothers have conflicts over several interests.

When Gianni's youngest sister Nicky claims she has been assaulted by her maths teacher, Rod Morris, Gianni attacks him. Rod presses charges of assault but later drops them. Gianni and the rest of his family leave Walford in August 2000 to start a new life in Leicester, living with their uncle Franco, leaving Beppe and his son Joe in Walford.

Employment history[]

Occupation Years Active
Chef at Giuseppe's 1998-1999
Manage of Giuseppe's 1999-2000


Address Years
89B George Street 1998-2000
Leicester 2000 to present

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