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Although Eastenders is a Family show,
some people may be offended by these images !
Look and Laugh at your own risk!

Over the long history of EastEnders, there have been many funny and embarrassing scenes, we have collected a number of them and put them on this page.

If you can think of another or have one please feel free to add it.

Why is Pat so Surprised

Who could forget this classic moment when Frank is standing there with nothing but a electronic dickiebow trying to impress Pat.

Frank Dickiebow.jpg

Do you know this Song: Lady in Red?

I know what you're thinking, thats not a "Lady in Red it's "Barry in Red". He is lying on the bed surprising Natalie as she comes home. If you really really want to see the real Lady in Red click here at your own risk.

Barry in Red.jpg

What's Ian Watching on TV?

Who would have thought that Jane would have put a dancing pole in living room. At Least she will now be able to reach the ceiling when she cleaning. This was off course for Ian's 40th Birthday and what a birthday.

Jane Poll Dacing.jpg

What's does Tamwar do in his Spare Time?

You got it right Tamwar enjoys dressing up as women and posting the videos on the internet. No this is off course when Tamwar dressed up as residents of Walford and impersonated them for his comedy website.

Tamwar as Dot and Peggy.jpg

Jay Draws on Phil Mitchell Face

Jay Brown Draws on Phil Mitchell face.

Jay Draws on Phil Mitchell Face (4 May 2009).jpg

What's Kush wearing?

Kush tries to get the residents of Walford to take part in the Charity Calendar. I wonder will they all be using fruit because that good news for the Fruit and Veg Stall. I hope the pumpkin does go to waste on this occasion.

Kush Halloween.jpg

Phil's makeup

Phil Mitchell (24 March 2016).jpg

Phil Mitchell wakes up with makeup.

Best robbery disguise?

Mick Carter, Keanu Taylor, Vincent Hubbard and Phil Mitchell try to blame their crime on the politicians.

Masks (1 January 2018).jpg
Masks 1 (1 January 2018).jpg

Jacks Nails

Jack Branning tries have flasher nails than his daughter Amy Mitchell.

Jack Branning (16 May 2019).jpg

Lexie and Ben hello Princess

Lexi Pearce and Ben Mitchell (8 October 2019).jpg

Lexi Pearce and Ben Mitchell dress up as Princesses.

Keegan Baker funny moment

Keegan Baker Funny (17 October 2019).jpg