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Freida made her first appearance on 16 September 1993.


Freida is purchased by Nigel Bates for £600 in a greyhound racing scam. Nigel splits the cost with Phil Mitchell, Grant Mitchell and Sanjay Kapoor, with Frank Butcher later getting involved in the scam. After it was determined she could not race, Grant decided to keep her as a pet. Frieda later got pregnant by fellow canine, Wellard, but the puppies were all stillborn. When Grant left for overseas, Frieda was sent to live with Nigel in Edinburgh.

Vicky Prior of the Metro noted that Grant would often use Frieda in many of his scams.

List of Apperances[]

  1. 16 September 1993
  2. 21 September 1993
  3. 7 October 1993
  4. 17 August 1998
  5. TBC
  6. TBC
  7. TBC
  8. 7 June 1999
  9. TBC
  10. TBC
  11. 1999




Freda the Wonder Dog - EastEnders - BBC

7 October 1993