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Frankie Byne made his first appearance on 5 September 2016. He is portrayed by Leon Tennant.


Frankie is a member of the gang who are responsible for the attack on Ben Mitchell and the death of Paul Coker, along with Simon Atmore. After they kidnap Ben and Jay Brown, Frankie and Simon enter their house and attack Ben's father Phil Mitchell, locking him under the stairs, and then look for other people in the house. They fail to find Louise Mitchell and Courtney Mitchell as they are hiding. Frankie wonders why they had to hurt Phil and kidnap Jay as well, worries that they will be seen leaving and wonders what they will do next after they take Ben and Jay to an industrial estate, and Frankie speculates whether Jay is Ben's new boyfriend. As Jay bangs on the inside of the van, Frankie worries that something will go wrong. Jay claims that Ben has collapsed so they open the van, and Ben and Jay attempt to take on the gang, but Tom grabs Ben and Simon grabs Jay, and they are easily overpowered. Ben tells them that they are cowards and will go to prison for what they did to Paul; Frankie stops Simon from going for Ben. Simon and Frankie discuss what to do next, as Simon knows they could go to prison. Frankie realises their plan to scare Ben has failed and insists that Paul's death was an accident, but Simon says a judge would not see it that way. As Simon is about to attack Ben, Ben's uncle Grant Mitchell and cousin Mark Fowler arrive and the gang flees the scene in fear. He is later sentenced to thirty years in prison.

Kill count[]

Murders/manslaughter victims[]

  1. Paul Coker (19 July 2016) - Beaten to death by Frankie and his gang in a homophobic attack against him and boyfriend Ben Mitchell.

Attempted murder victims[]

  1. Ben Mitchell (19 July 2016) - Beaten almost to death by Frankie and his friends in a homophobic attack against him and boyfriend Paul Coker, Ben survived but Paul died as a result of injuries sustained from the beating.
  2. Jay Brown (6 September 2016) - Frankie and his friends prepare to kill Ben and Jay but Grant Mitchell saves them.
  3. Ben Mitchell (6 September 2016) - Frankie and his friends prepare to kill Ben and Jay but Grant Mitchell saves them.