List of feuds:

These are the several feuds between individuals who argued and fought all across Walford about the problems that came from each of them

The feud between Derek Branning and David Wicks usually began because David was dating and developed a relationship with Derek's sister Carol. The feud occurred when Derek and David were teenagers at school and they argued and fought over Carol relentlessly. It involved Derek terrorising David and his entire family including his mother Pat Wicks as he was dating Carol. Eventually when Derek found out that his sister Carol got pregnant by his mortal enemy David Wicks, Derek resorted into beating David up which forced David and his family leaving Walford in 1976 to avoid Derek's ruthlessness and aggression. In 2012 Derek and David were still arguing about Carol and Derek was still livid that David would break Carol's heart again. After Pat's funeral Derek threatened David with violence and tried to kill him but his brothers Max Branning and Jack Branning restrained him so David was forced to leave Walford without Carol.

The feud between Derek Branning and Phil Mitchell began when Phil started terrorising Jack's property and possessions. Derek and Phil continued to argue with each other but when Phil found out that Derek slept with his wife Shirley their feud resorted to a fight between them.

The feud between Ian Beale and Phil Mitchell usually began when Ian grassing up Phil and it seemed Phil ended up bullying Ian. However Ian and Phil weren't always in a relentless feud due to Phil helping Ian when he went missing for the past few months.

The feud between Stacey Slater and Janine Butcher usually began when Stacey was having an affair with her husband Ryan Malloy. Eventually the feud altered into suspicion on the murder of Archie Mitchell and Stacey was framed for stabbing Janine, and Stacey was forced to leave Walford when the police as the police attempting to find and arrest her.

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