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Fatima Inzamam made her first appearance on 1 January 2010. She is portrayed by an uncredited actress in 2010, and Anu Hasan in 2015.


Fatima is the wife of Inzamam Ahmed and mother of Jamila Inzamam and Ali Inzamam. She made her first screen appearance on 1 January 2010 played by an uncredited actress. Anu Hasan took over the role for Fatima's return from 15 May 2015.



She first appears before Syed Masood's wedding to Amira Shah but leaves when Inzamam's brother, Masood Ahmed, tells Inzamam he is no longer welcome at the wedding.

In May 2015, Fatima visits after being contacted by her niece, Shabnam Masood, to find her a husband for an arranged marriage, frustrated at her boyfriend Kush Kazemi's inability to commit. Fatima invites the suitor, Asim, to the house and introduces him to Shabnam. However, when Shabnam dodges the question of future children, Fatima confronts her, revealing she knows Shabnam abandoned her daughter on her doorstep seven years earlier. She tells Shabnam that she does not keep in touch with the child's adoptive parents but assures her that she is in good health.

After Shabnam accepts Kush's proposal, Fatima confesses to Masood that she and Inzamam have separated, he has moved back to Pakistan and that she lied to Shabnam about her daughter; she knows where she is. Fatima later visits again with Shabnam's wedding dress and makes alterations to it to conceal her pregnancy bump.

Fatima is shocked when Shabnam brings up Denise Fox and Stacey Slater's past relationships, discovering that Denise's ex-husband, Lucas Johnson, is a serial killer and that Stacey had an affair with her father-in-law, Max Branning. Fatima is also shocked to discover Shabnam had been in numerous relationships previously and is unimpressed when Denise, Stacey and Kush's mother Carmel drink alcohol, worrying about the effect it will have on Masood's reputation. When Carmel questions her relationship with Masood, Fatima is forced to reveal that she is just his sister-in-law, stopping short of revealing that her marriage is over.

Once she has finished with Shabnam's dress, Carmel disapproves of the alterations and tells an unimpressed Fatima that Shabnam should not be ashamed to be pregnant, which Shabnam agrees with. Masood later calls Fatima back to the house and she tells him that she felt that she had married the wrong brother. Shabnam then walks in on them kissing and leaves in shock. Fatima is then outraged to discover that Masood had slept with Carmel, and leaves angrily, telling her nephew, Tamwar, that Masood is just as bad as Inzamam. She returns on the eve of Shabnam and Kush's wedding and helps Shabnam, Carmel, Stacey and Denise with the wedding preparations. She is also present at the wedding ceremony the next day where she meets her new nephew, Masood's youngest son Kamil, whose mother Zainab Masood has flown out from Pakistan for the occasion.

List of appearances[]


  1. 1 January 2010 - Part 1


  1. 15 May 2015
  2. 18 May 2015
  3. 22 May 2015
  4. 25 May 2015
  5. 25 August 2015
  6. 27 August 2015
  7. 5 November 2015
  8. 6 November 2015