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Ernest ‘Ernie’ Moon is the son of Alfie Moon and Kat Mitchell, as well as being the twin brother of Bert Moon. He was born at Walford General Hospital, and made his first appearance on 8 August 2014.


Bert and Ernie Moon were born on the 8th August 2014, but the first baby to be born was not breathing and had to be resuscitated. During the pregnancy the babies were nicknamed ‘Bert and Ernie’ after the Muppets, by their father Alfie Moon. Although their mother Kat Moon insisted that the names were temporary, Alfie eventually wins her round and they decide to register the twins as Albert and Ernest, unable to come up with alternative names.

When the twins were a month old, their house was burnt down by Alfie, as part of an insurance scam. This incident resulted in Kat being badly burnt and spending months apart from the them, recovering in hospital. Their parents later separated when they were four months old, when Kat found out that Alfie was responsible for the fire. As a result, they moved in with Stacey Branning and Mo Harris, but shortly after they reunited. Their parents then won the lottery and decided to relocate to Spain, with the twins and their half-brother Tommy Moon.

They briefly return to Walford in December 2015 and January 2016, to be with family.

In March 2018, Kat returns from Spain without the kids. Although she misses them, she ignores Alfie’s calls. In November 2018, Alfie returns with the kids and stays with Ian Beale, later reuniting them with Kat. During an argument, it was revealed that while Kat was upstairs having an affair, Tommy boiled the kettle and accidentally scalded Ernie with hot water. Alfie blamed Kat and sent her back to England, but did not know about the affair at the time.

In September 2022, Bert and Ernie are reunited with their father on the day of their mother’s wedding to Phil Mitchell. They show Alfie their martial arts moves, stating that Phil says they could be in the UFC one day and one of them offers to show him their triangle choke. When Alfie gets on his boat to leave Walford, he discovers Bert and Ernie have followed him. Alfie then phones Kat and she comes to the boat to pick them, however Alfie then takes the opportunity to drive the boat away with Kat on it. Alfie begs Kat not to marry Phil but Kat demands that Alfie let her off the boat to marry Phil, Alfie attempts to drive the boat back but the engine does not kickstart leaving Kat, Alfie Bert and Ernie stranded in the middle of the lake. Kat jumps in the lake and attempts to swim to shore, however just as Kat jumps in the lake Bert and Ernie restart the boat. Alfie then takes Kat to the wedding but she misses the wedding.

When Alfie gets a new job at a betting shop Bert and Ernie go to see him and start playing on the fruit machines, Alfie tells them to stop before they get him in trouble. Alfie to talk to Kat about their birthday, however Kat tell Alfie he can only see them for an hour as they're going out with Phil for the day. However Freddie Slater helps Alfie organise an early pirate themed birthday party for Bert and Ernie.

Kat dumps Phil after finding out that he cheated on her with Emma Harding and moves into Stacey’s with Bert, Ernie and Tommy. Phil begs her multiple times to give him another chance but she says no.

Background information[]

  • Bert and Ernie do not appear in the spin-off series Kat and Alfie: Redwater, in which Kat and Alfie travel to Ireland, because Dominic Treadwell-Collins knew that having two small children in the series would have “limited Kat and Alfie and they wouldn’t have been able able to do as much”. So instead, it was confirmed that Kat and Alfie had left the twins for a few weeks and checked on them during the series.

Resident history[]

Address Years
23 Albert Square 2014
47B Albert Square (Squat) 2014
43 Albert Square 2014
Spain 2014-2015
3C Albert Square 2015-2016
31 Albert Square 2018-2021, 2024
55 Victoria Road 2021-2024
George Street 2024 to present

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