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Andy is surprised when Debbie brings Naima home followed by DS Quick who is lugging a Zed bed for the front room. He is quite upset when Debbie informs him that in order to help with the finances since she quit her job, she decided to take in a lodger.

The café window is smashed. Sue says they need to pay the protection money but Ali says they should do nothing. When Tony finds out that Naima was also threatened, he makes Kelvin quit his job at the shop.

Debbie announces that Naima is moving in without consulting Andy first.

Den refuses to attend marriage guidance so Angie says she will go on her own. Den hears from Jan - her father is in hospital but Den cannot be with her.

The Beales and Fowlers surprise Mary with a birthday party for Annie.

Tony meets Neville, who insists that Cassie was injured in a fall. Cassie admits that she slipped while trying to get away from being smacked.

Arthur plants an apple tree on his allotment.

Simon tells Ian that he is annoyed that Kathy and Pete are asking him about seeing his mother.


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  • Albert Square
  • The Queen Victoria - Public, hallway and upstairs flat
  • 3B Albert Square - Living room
  • 43 Albert Square - Kitchen and backroom
  • 45 Albert Square - Kitchen and backroom
  • Bridge Street
  • Bridge Street Market
  • Foodstore
  • Launderette
  • Al's Café
  • Walford Allotments - Allotment


  • Radio Times synopsis: 'Money isn't everything, young lady. You'll come to realise that one day. Your self respect's important too.'
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 22,900,000 viewers (2nd place - combined figure including repeat).