Sharon catches a thief red-handed and Alan receives a worrying letter. Desperate to find Frank, Pat thinks a trip to Clacton will provide her with clues, but is she following her heart or her head? Steve finally receives a message from Della but is it what he has been waiting to hear? [1]


  • Steve Elliot - Mark Monero
  • Mark Fowler - Todd Carty
  • Dixie - Evelyn Duah
  • Sharon Mitchell - Letitia Dean
  • Pat Butcher - Pam St. Clement
  • David Wicks - Michael French
  • Ricky Butcher - Sid Owen
  • Pauline Fowler - Wendy Richard
  • Arthur Fowler - Bill Treacher
  • Alan Jackson - Howard Antony
  • Carol Jackson - Lindsey Coulson
  • Alice Alexander - Isabelle Lucas
  • Mrs Andreos - Media Stavrinou


  • This was the lowest rated episode of the year.


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