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Arthur informs Pat of David's incident but Pat sees straight through Grant's lies. Della's mother phones her at the hairdressers and is deeply unhappy. Steve discovers it is because she returned home from a night out late.

An ambulance arrives and takes David to casualty. Grant acts as the spokesperson for the eyewitnesses at the Vic, telling the policeman that two punters assaulted David and he fought them off himself. David stays in hospital overnight.

Pat returns to her office cleaning job the next morning and, needing money now more than ever, unlocks the moneybox she found in the office the other day and starts counting the cash inside it.

Debbie and Nigel receive the bill from the custody solicitors and concludes that Liam withdrew from the battle because he could not afford it himself.

Phil eventually learns what happened at the Vic in the morning and has words with Grant.

Ian gets impatient with Pat's missing repayment and demands that Ricky toughens up.

Geoff visits Michelle wondering if he should have words with Arthur. Michelle does not think it will do any good, but he ignores her advice and speaks with Arthur anyway.

David is discharged from hospital and takes a five-hour stroll before returning home. Pat worries about him but he brushes her concerns off, instead asking for money, and she reluctantly gives him some, leading him to head over to the Vic and asks to talk to Grant in private.

Debbie goes to collect Clare from school where she learns from a teacher that Liam has already taken her. She panics and rushes off, finding him just around the corner with their daughter. She snatches Clare back and scurries off, distressed.

Della heads home after her shift at the hairdressers to talk to her mum, but returns later on in a state, wanting to talk to Steve.

David and Grant appear to be acquainted again. David tells Ricky that he is going to use Grant's assault on him to his advantage when he needs to in the future.

Pat finally gives Ian the £50 she owes him.

Della tells Steve that her mother has kicked her out. He offers to let her stay with him. She is grateful, and kisses her, but she stops him and tells him she does not want anything more from him.


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