The police want to talk to Phil Mitchell and Grant Mitchell about Jimmy Coogan and their involvement in the car scam. The police have nothing concrete to charge them with. Phil has a way to frighten Jimmy off. Phil has done some sleuthing and found that Jimmy left Glasgow, Scotland under a cloud as he did a robbery and left the security guard with life changing injuries. Phil is waiting for a phone call from someone who is trying to trace Mr Slater. Kathy Beale phones Phil to say she is having bother with Jimmy Coogan in the cafe. Phil and Grant run over to the cafe but Jimmy has bolted out of the side door. Jimmy causes a scene in The Queen Victoria by baiting Grant and Phil into hitting him. Phil and Grant restrain each other from whacking the guy and Arthur Fowler tells Jimmy he does not know what his game is but if he is looking for witnesses to say he was attacked he is wasting his time and we all have selective blindness. Jimmy walks out but says he is coming for Kathy.


  • Phil Mitchell - Steve McFadden
  • Kathy Beale - Gillian Taylforth
  • Grant Mitchell - Ross Kemp
  • Jimmy Coogan - Gerard Kelly
  • Arthur Fowler - Bill Treacher
  • Ian Beale - Adam Woodyatt
  • Mark Fowler - Todd Carty
  • Michelle Fowler - Susan Tully
  • Geoff Barnes - David Roper
  • Pat Butcher - Pam St. Clement
  • David Wicks - Michael French
  • Ricky Butcher - Sid Owen
  • Carol Jackson - Lindsey Coulson
  • Alan Jackson - Howard Antony
  • Blossom Jackson - Mona Hammond
  • Robbie Jackson - Dean Gaffney
  • Bianca Jackson - Patsy Palmer
  • Natalie Price - Lucy Speed
  • Nigel Bates - Paul Bradley
  • Debbie Tyler - Nicola Duffett
  • Detective - Nick Miles
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