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Cindy is pressurised by Sanjay to tell him where Gita is. Pat goes to work at the Vic and tells Grant that she thinks Frank has run away. Michelle says she is coming home from hospital. Sharon offers to pick her up. Grant is still worried that Michelle will talk about what really happened the night she was shot.

Sharon tells Vicki that she is her half-sister. Grant thinks she is making a mistake not consulting Michelle first.

Pauline looks after the twins again as Cindy heads over to Sanjay's flat to get Gita's qualifications.

Debbie does not enlighten Nigel to Liam's return.

Pat is shocked to hear that David has spread the news of Frank's disappearance.

Alan and Carol begin to accept that Sonia's birthday may not be what they hoped for.

Tricky Dicky catches Cindy heading into Sanjay's flat. He finds Sanjay and tells him. Sanjay heads over to the flat and blockades Cindy in. She knees him in the groin and leaves empty-handed.

Pat is unhappy with David for spreading gossip.

Pauline rants to Arthur about Sharon.

Sanjay vows to get Gita's location out of Cindy.

Michelle is discharged from hospital. Sharon encourages her to have a drink before she goes home.

Nigel asks Debbie why she did not leave Liam years ago. She is unsure - he reassures her that she is not alone anymore.

Della clocks that Michelle has been in hospital longer than most patients would be with similar injuries sustained from drunks.

Sanjay heads to Cindy's flat and refuses to leave until she tells him where Gita is.

Pat phones another coroner in London and learns that a man of Frank's build was pulled from the Thames on the night he went missing. She agrees to go and identify the body.

Vicki returns from school. Michelle tells her to say goodbye to Auntie Sharon but Vicki corrects her, stating she is her sister. Michelle is speechless and gives Sharon a few home truths before angrily taking Vicki away.



  • Albert Square
  • The Queen Victoria - Public, hallway and upstairs flat
  • 3C Albert Square - Kitchen and living room
  • 41 Albert Square - Living room
  • 43B Albert Square - Living room, bedroom and hallway
  • Bridge Street Market
  • Kathy's Café
  • Walford Videos
  • Mitchell Bros. Auto Repairs
  • Gita's flat


  • Radio Times synopsis: Michelle returns from hospital to a nasty surprise, Carol and Alan realise that Sonia's birthday may be anything but happy. Sanjay find an unexpected visitor in his flat.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 12,670,000 viewers (chart placing unknown).