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Tricky Dicky continues to actively ignore Bianca. Gossip goes around the Square that Pat and Frank are to blame for Peter's hospitalisation. Nellie gets through to Walford Council, but continues to lie to Arthur and claims she has no luck.

Arthur is hungover. Nellie tells him she has tried contacting Walford Council but cannot get through, so is going to try again.

The doctor thinks that baby Peter has pneumonia, but is making a speedy recovery.

Maria Turner from the DSS shows up at Number 41 in search of David.

Kathy shows up at the hospital insisting she could not stay away. She and Ian have a heart-to-heart and start to work things out, but it is not long until Cindy starts stirring trouble for Kathy again.

Pauline lets Nellie move into Number 45 and give up her flat, as it is cheaper for her to live with them.

Pat wonders what Maria wants with David. She reveals to Pat that David has not been in touch with his parole officer, and she is shocked to learn that David was sent to prison for VAT fraud, and is now defaulting his maintenance payments to his wife and children. She then leaves Pat her number for David to call them on.

Ian and Kathy patch up their relationship once again and Ian lets her go and see Peter, Cindy gives her an evil, unwelcoming glare as she enters the room.

Two men visit Frank with a magistrates' order to repossess one of the cars on the car lot for failing payments. He is forced to hand the keys over to the Rover.

Nellie expresses plans to redecorate the backroom of Number 45 to Jules.

Frank starts to feel helpless and low.

Tricky Dicky starts taking an interest in Carol in front of Bianca at the launderette.

Pauline has a welcoming meal for Nellie. When she is in the kitchen, Nellie tells Arthur that she knows he forged the letter from the council and is cleverer than she looks.

Tricky Dicky fires Bianca from her cleaning job at his flat.

Jules heads to the Vic and informs Steve that Hattie is no longer in Norwich, but has gone to live with Clyde in Trinidad and will not be returning.


Main cast[]

Guest cast[]

  • Maria Turner - Emma Rice
  • Doctor Webley - Guy Burgess
  • Nurse Allen - Paula Hunt
  • Carmen - Amanda Holden
  • Hank - Andrew Tansey
  • Mal - Tim Kirby


  • Albert Square
  • The Queen Victoria - Public
  • Frank's Autos
  • 41 Albert Square - Living room and dining room
  • 45 Albert Square - Kitchen and backroom
  • Bridge Street
  • Launderette
  • Kathy's Café
  • Walford General Hospital - Corridor