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Ricky finds working with David difficult and Frank does not appreciate it when Ricky goes complaining to him. Grant and Nigel help move Phil into the new flat. Meanwhile, Kathy confronts Ian.

Sanjay waits outside the flat for Gita and Sharmilla, but she does not show.

Steve has to find somewhere else to stay with Mark back from holiday. He offers to be chief barman for Grant in return for a bed at the Vic, whilst Sharon is in Florida tending to Angie.

Frank gives Phil the keys to his new flat.

David has ideas to modernise and improve the car lot.

Kathy gives Ian opportunities to tell her about him going behind her back, but he chooses not to say anything, so she raises the subject herself. Ian tries to cover up his deceit but is unsuccessful and fired.

Alan thinks that Bianca is dressing like a tart.

Frank is thrilled when he is reprieved of the bridging loan. His happiness is short-lived however, as Ricky cannot stop making remarks about David.

Nigel tells Mark that he now visits the hospital to see Clare whilst Debbie is out so he can avoid her. Mark thinks he is playing with fire.

Michelle finds Sanjay waiting for Gita and Sharmilla in the evening and tells him that she has gone away for a bit, but did not want him to know.

Carol is surprised to bump into David at the Vic. Alan asks Carol who she was talking to. She lies and tells him it was just a polite conversation with a punter.

Ian starts on Phil at the Vic. Mark evacuates Ian to stop him from embarrassing himself.

Bianca and Tricky Dicky return from an expensive restaurant and head into his flat.

Phil checks in on Kathy. She is stressed from firing her own son and wants to be alone.

Bianca and Tricky Dicky kiss.



  • Albert Square
  • The Queen Victoria - Public
  • Frank's Autos
  • 41 Albert Square - Living room and dining room
  • 43A Albert Square - Living room
  • Bridge Street Market
  • Kathy's Café
  • Turpin Road
  • 14A Turpin Road - Living room/kitchen