A man from the Home Office turns up at Phil's flat asking if he can have a word, Phil tells him he doesn't need to bother because he saw some people the other week, he tells him to open the door and they need a word in private. Pat pops into The Vic and asks if she can have a job as a barmaid, Grant says they have no jobs behind the bar but they do need a cleaner - Pat turns down the job at first but later agrees. When she tells Frank about the job he's livid and tells her that no wife of his cleans a pub for a living she tells him that he isn't in a position to argue seeing as he is the one who got them into this mess in the first place. Ian and Cindy are at the hospital with the twins and Ian tells Cindy he would like to call the boy Peter and she agrees saying she thought he might of wanted that but they still don't have a name for the girl. Robbie steals two bottles of Vodka from the Vic and meets Kevin with them at the Playground and sells them to him for a fiver. Phil asks Kathy if she fancies going on holiday over Christmas she tells him she thought they were supposed to be having a break and he tells her that he doesn't want to lose her. Gita goes to see Dr. Legg and he tells her that he can tell she is having trouble sleeping. Phil returns to the flat and Nadia is in a state crying because her boyfriend, Michael, has left her. Richard starts winding up Mark in the Vic and he calls Michelle a slag and Mark goes for him. The man from the office comes back round when Nadia is home alone and she tells him to pop round again, when Phil finds out he's livid because this means he probably can't go away with Kath. Gita goes round to the Fowlers to apologise. Nadia bumps into Kath after she closes up the Café and tells her that Phil has asked Nadia to spend Christmas with him, Kathy calls him a lying swine and goes looking for him. Michelle meets Sanjay and he's in his car and she gets in and he asks where she would like to go tonight and she tells him to surprise her.


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