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Kathy is caught up in the dilemma between Phil and Nadia. Richard annoys the market stall holders and new resident Carol. Pat gives Gita some advice.

Ruth Dyer, a member of the Home Office, arrives at Phil's flat to talk to him and Nadia. She mistakes Kathy for Nadia and has to be corrected.

Tricky Dicky's decision to give Big Ron's stall away creates unrest on the market.

Once the Home Office member has gone from his flat, Phil phones Nadia and encourages her to visit him as soon as possible. Kathy gets agitated over Phil prioritising Nadia and leaves.

Tricky Dicky tells Doctor Legg that he thinks Mandy and Aidan need "professional" help over their squatting.

Pauline writes a note in the Daily Mirror, asking Pete to phone her.

Mandy finds Doctor Legg and asks him to give her an advance in her wages. He queries her over what she wants it for and proceeds to sack her, unsatisfied with her work performance and lack of explanation over things going missing in the surgery.

Arthur beats himself up for trying his luck with Pauline the other night, after it backfired.

Nadia tells Phil her life will be over if she is deported with a criminal record.

Frank refuses to accept that the rival cab firm are doing better than them and considers promotions he and Pat can use to entice customers back. She tells him to just carry on business as normal but he does not want to.

Sanjay tells Mark that he and other stallholders are heading to the council offices after work and want him to follow and act as the spokesperson. Mark is hesitant and tells Sanjay he is not going to attend the meeting.

Tricky Dicky catches two kids, Billie and Sonia Jackson, graffitiing outside the launderette. He heads inside and asks Carol if they are her children, and when she says they are, he informs her of their misbehaviour. Carol defends them, insisting her children would not do such a thing.

Ian's new job at the café is not as glamorous as he thought it would be.

Bianca and Carol argue in the launderette when Bianca tells Carol that she is moving into a flat with her husband-to-be and Carol assumes she is pregnant.

Pat notices a distressed Gita heading home and encourages her to talk before giving some sound advice out herself.

Sanjay asks Michelle to try and get Mark to act as spokesperson for the stallholders; she tries, but Mark stands his ground.

Nadia stays at Phil's flat in the spare room, but Kathy is unhappy with the arrangement and makes her feelings known. Phil accuses her of being jealous so she slaps him and tells him not to flatter himself.


Main cast[]

Recurring cast[]

Guest cast[]

  • Nadia Mitchell - Anna Barkan
  • Ruth Dyer - Tamsin Olivier (credited as "Miss Dyer")